Nina` Dariela Mendez-Jade born May 1, 1966 is a former member of the Puerto Rican girl group Chica Amor (Girl Love). She is also the mother of Tamar Josefina Jade. \

Musical Career

Mendez began her musical career when she was in junior high school. Her and her 2 friends formed the girl group Chica Amor. They recorded several songs up until the 12th grade. One of their singles called "Mi Ninas" (My Girls) was played on the radio in San Juan several times.

They group broke up a few months before graduating high school and they all went there separate ways.

Personal Life

Mendez married her famous lawyer L'vant Jade in 1987. In 1990 they had their first child, Tamar Josefina Jade, and in 1996 they had their second child Xiomara Cythlaly Jade.

Mendez currently lives in Athens, GA just a few hours away from their daughter Tamar who lives in Atlanta, GA.

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