Nikesh Thapaliya is a world record holder, freelance writer, UN Volunteer, and activist from Kathmandu, Nepal. He has set world records for memorizing capitals of 215 countries (including 195 sovereign states and 20 of the dependent territories), reciting & writing US States the fastest (states separately and states with their respective capitals) on the very popular US based world record site RecordSetter. He is the first Nepali to make it to the site, often quoted as 'new home of world records.' These memory abilities of him have also been recognized as 'Unique World Records' by a group of memory experts and world record holders from India.

Nikesh and other 17 set the World AIDS Day 2011 world record

Nikesh and other 17 set the World AIDS Day 2011 world record

Some clips of Nikesh with timer and world map, on his world record videos

Some clips of Nikesh with timer and world map, on his world record videos

Nikesh, born on 12 July 1993, in Kathmandu, has also contributed for the weekly supplements of a leading national daily in Nepal. Besides, he has volunteered for 'Youth Leader Magazine', a project of UNESCO. He has been in the media for using one of his world records for activism. This world record is titled 'Most People Reciting World AIDS Day 2011 Theme', which he made along with 17 other young people in Kathmandu on the occasion of World AIDS Day 2011. The theme was "Getting to Zero." In the world record video, the participants of this record did not only recite the theme but also gave out the message of love, respect and equality to the people suffering from HIV/AIDS. He is also the arrangement officer and junior adjudicator of 'Everest World Records', a world record organization based in Nepal that aims at recognizing unique, creative and brave feats of people.

He accredits his childhood passion for learning geography for his world records. Besides, his interests include studying, collecting currencies and watching films. He has also been involved in many other social activities. He now works for promoting the tourism of the Himalayas through a popular travel company and also an NGO under the company as a communications officer.

List of Nikesh’s world records with RecordSetter

Month/Year Record Remarks
Feb 2011 Fastest recitation of US States in random order 16.46 sec
Mar 2011 Fastest time to write US States 2 min 1 sec
Mar 2011 Fastest recitation of US States with respective capitals in random order 49.79 sec
Mar 2011 Fastest time to write US States with respective capitals 4 min 26 sec
Apr 2011 Most world capitals named while blind-folded 215 countries (including 195 sovereign states)
Dec 2011 Most people together reciting World AIDS Day theme "Getting to Zero" 18 people (Group record)


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