Nicholas James Acree was born on July 27th in the year 1987. Nick had lots of complications at birth and was born with both a vagina and a penis. His parents made a tough decision and decided to raise Nick as a boy but have regretted the decision since because he complains more than your average woman. Nick is known as what is called a "sensy." What's a sensy you ask, a sensy is someone who listens to acoustic alternative, they marvel at fireflies, and when they help a drunk girl home from the bar sure they cop a feel...a feel of their hair when they're pulling it back so the girl doesn't get any vomit in it.

Favorite Music

Nick has a strong appreciation for the band Jimmy Eat World and feels like they are the second best band of all time, second only to Sister Hazel (The greatest band of all time without question). He also likes the work of Krispy Kreme because "he's the baddest of them all."


Nick is known in the DFW area to be one of the greatest sports athletes ever that never produced anything worth while. In his own words he likes to "throw it down" on the basketball court. He also likes hockey which ruins much of his already damaged credibility. His favorite sport is basketball and he credits his hard work on the court to James Harden and Manu Ginobli who he claims are number 1 and 2 on the greatest of all time list respectively.


After graduating from Texas Tech University (The most distinguished higher learning institution in the United States of America) Nick worked for the Texas Tech Law School for 3 months. In August he got an opportunity for employment with the Sponsored Programs Accounting and Reporting department at Texas Tech University. He accepted the job with a single tear rolling down his cheek where he has gone on to become "the hardest working person in the department."

In November 2012, Nick left the greatest job ever because his girlfriend made him.


In June of 2012, Nick started a downward spiral which is going to eventually ruin his life. "I'm living my life right now with the belief that scientists will be able to build me a new heart by the time I'm 50."


On December 21st 2013, Nick got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Kristin Reeves.  They were dating for 20 years before he popped the question. 

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