Niall baker, Gaelic for "uncertain" is a famous and well documented British philosopher. The key to his fame spouts from the conclusions in his best-seller, Anglia prize nominated book "the true meaning of life". In which he concludes there is no meaning to life, thus no point to human or any other kind of existence.

The true meaning of life.

Published in 2009, The true meaning of life was an instant hit, reaching thousands of people within the East Anglian region in the opening year leading it to be nominated for the Anglian yearly achievement awards which celebrates the eastern regions most prestigious achievements of the year. Baker was narrowly beaten to the award by Jamie Durrants publication 'How to outsmart your Donkey'.

Baker reportedly pondered the meaning of life after an eye opening chat with some close peers during a late Thursday night after a few alcoholic beverages, and a very intense discussion, he came to the conclusion that no matter how complex and intricate the world and very universe is that life and all existence served no purpose or direction, following to the quote 'There is no point, so why bother' which he frequently used when assignments needed to be handed in for his college course. His way of life is now non-existent because he feels that there is nothing to achieve because frankly what is the point? Most people at this point are believed to commit suicide because they feel there is no purpose of them being there, he disputes this by saying 'What would be the point in killing myself or living, there is no point'.

A sequel is rumored to be in line for release in 2014, titled "Now that's what i call Morality!" in which Baker ponders morality in contrasting religious backgrounds. Although few details are known due to early stages of research and writing of the book.

Personal Life

Niall Baker aged 17, was born on 3rd July 1995 to Andrew and Louise Baker in Bury. He now resides in the suburb of Drayton, a stones throw away from the city centre of Norwich. He attended the Dove first school and Harleston primary school before studying at Hellesdon High school, where he first found his love for the meaning of life.

His natural talent prevailed, aged 11 when he was awarded with the North Norfolk's junior thinkers certificate, an award previously won by the likes of Stephen Fry and Charlie Higson, both local Norfolk students. The award came along with a prize holiday to France. He traveled with family to the south of France. Upon arrival at Gatwick airport it is believed he famously quoted Oscar Wilde when asked if he had anything to declare, by responding "Nothing but my genius!"


Niall Bakers rise to fame has been considered by many as a highly controversial one. The Association of Womens Hockey players stated "Niall is an infuriating, heartless, cold human being who's only after one thing, and once he's got it he doesn't want to know you". He disputed these claims by stating "What even was the point in this worthless comment?. You're wasting your breath".

Despite his apparent genius, many have claimed he lacks the moral intellect to be in a relationship for a prolonged period of time, due to the dysfunction of his 'limbic system' causing him to be incapable at feeling many emotions, such as guilt, love and fear. One conspiracy theory surrounding this is that he was dropped on his head as a baby, causing minor brain damage and as Jamie Durrant once quoted "making his head the shape of a potato".

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