Daly was born in Palm Bay, Florida, the daughter of Thyrone, a producer, and Andrea, who worked in real estate and law. Daly's father comes from a Jamaican mother and East Indian father. Where as her mother is mixed with different countries in Central America. Daly was raised Seventh Day Adventist, and grew up in the church.

Daly was raised in a well rounded home, with different kinds of music, pieces of literature, and by the age of two years old she had already started traveling around the world. Something Daly has said "..It's a great opportunity for me, because I know people who haven't even left Florida before.". Growing up listening to Wu Tang Clan, KRS One, and Jill Scott inspired her to start singing. At the age of 5 she had her first performance as a little Indian girl in a festival play. Between the ages of seven months and five began acting, participating in commercials for All Laundry Detergent, Sunny D and also auditioning for movies with major roles like Adam Sandler, Kevin James, and Chris Rock. Not until Daly was about 10 years old, did she preform again, as one of the main singers as "choir representative" in the Mezzo-soprano class. Then when she began secondary school she automatically got into both singing and acting joining theatre classes where she believes where she found her personality. "It's pretty clear that my brain doesn't operate like normal peoples from both my physical and verbal actions, but then again, I never really understood what normal was.". Daly acted in plenty plays, and also had a great role in the costume designing and makeup. Now at the age of sixteen, she spends more time writing small indie films and working behind the scenes. Daly is currently working on a alter ego tape chalked with all her auditions, singing demos, and a special feature with the audience being introduced to her alter egos that grew up in her brain as she grew up. The documentary is said to be released in Spring/Summer of 2013.


Daly gives a big portion of her credits to her music to Beyoncé and Micahel Jackson, for being what she has said to be the best performers she has seen in her life. Daly has also named Jill Scott and Lauryn Hill as other influences because "I think my music is more their category.." Daly's other influences are Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, Sade Adu, Aaliyah, Mary J. Blige. "I love Beyoncé! Look at my iPod!" Says Daly, ".. She's elegant, beautiful, smart and her music videos insire me to stay in shape. Many of the themes and musical styles Daly focuses on is soul, pop, R&B, and hip hop.

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