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New York Night is a 2013 American ensemble action comedy film produced by Don McGill and. Filming began on March 28, 2012, in Bronx, Manhattan, and New Jersey, and the film was released in theaters on August 29, 2013 in North America. s.

The film is about 2 NYPD Detective. They are stationed at Murder Dept. at NYPD


NYPD Detective Mike Johnson (Will Smith) and Ben McCuller (Vito Safero) are partner. They are the one of the best detectives in NYPD. The story begin in Bronx, New York. They are investigating murder of retired Navy Commander John Burrows (David Boreanaz). John Burrows is a best friend of Naval Criminal Investigative Service NCIS director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll). When the murder is happened NCIS Senior Field Agent Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) is on vacation in New York. Apparently, while Agent DiNozzo passing an alley in 45th St and 34th St, he saw a police patrol car parked on there and he saw the police line. And then he parked his car near the street. One of the officer in the crime scene saw agent DiNozzo come to the crime scene and he stop him. Agent DiNozzo show his badge, and finally the officer allow him to enter the crime scene. After he enter the crime scene, he recgonized the victim and then he called Special Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon). After one minute on the phone, Agent Gibbs tell Director Vance (Rocky Carroll). The Next Morning Director Vance send Agent Gibbs and his team to New York.



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