New Florence International Boarding School
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Knowledge For Peace 'n' Progress
Kathmandu, Nepal
Type Coeducational
Established 1993 AD
Principal Ratna Bahadur Gurung
Houses Red/Blue/Yellow/Green                    
Nickname New FIBS
Information +977-01-4273500

New Florence International Boarding School is located in Tankeshwor-13,Kalimati, Kathmandu, Nepal and schools over thosands students. The institution function form Pre-Primary to Grade X of education. Established in the year 2050 B.S. (1993 AD) by Founder Principal Ratna Bahadur Gurung. It accommodates upto the Lower-Secondary level SLC qualifications to the students and guides its alumni to the College Education.


The school delivers a curriculum designed to meet the needs of each student through the application of Nepal’s National Curriculum. The Curriculum is taught through the Developmental Interactive Approach. English is the medium of instruction. The primary curriculum includes the core areas of learning and experience, these are: English and Nepali Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education, Creative and Expressive Arts, Information and Communications Technology and Vocational Education. Students go out of school to extend their knowledge and experience through educational field trips. This provides a direct first hand experience in learning as well as providing a stimulus for work in the classroom. In teaching English a high priority is placed on all aspects of literacy; speaking, listening, reading and writing, spelling and handwriting. Art, music and drama rooms develop a student’s creativity, and confidence. New FIBS places an emphasis on increasing student’s performance skills. Each term during Curriculum Night parents are informed of their child’s grade curriculum. At the end of each school year a Curriculum Committee reviews each grade level curriculum in relation to “Best Teaching Practices” used throughout the year and student academic performance. Changes to the curriculum are made accordingly. The Primary School consists of classes 1 to 5. In addition to oral work, activities, games, practicals, excursions etc., students are taught subjects like English, Nepali, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computer Studies, Moral Science, General Knowledge and Health Education. They are taught gymnastics and swimming. Co-curricular activities such as singing, dance and instrumental music are taught. The Lower Secondary School consists of classes 6 to 8. Besides English, Nepali, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computer Studies, Moral Science, General Knowledge, the students are introduced to advanced level Mathematics and H.P.E. (Environment Health & Population) Co-curricular activities also includes Club activities. The Secondary School consists of classes 9 and 10. The Nepal Govt. (S. L. C.) curricular is followed in these classes. The students, however, take part in co-curricular activities and club activities. They are also introduced to a course in Advanced Level English.

Students’ service and facilities

  • The classroom has a capacity of 40 students.
  • The school has accommodation for its students in a hostel, close to the school building.
  • Food is provided by the school cafe. Hot and cold drinks are available and snacks.

Extracurricular activities

  • Sports activities include volley ball, basket ball,football,cricket,table tennis and other indoor games.
  • Field trips are arranged to nearby places. An annual picnic is held to give opportunities for students’ socialization.

Internal evaluation

Monthly progress reports on homework, note presentation and classroom performance are sent to parents. New FIBS has three terminal examinations in a session before the board exam (including preboard).


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