Nerd Republic (NR) means a country or state owned and run by nerds. Basically, a home for "brainiacs" fascinated by the obscurity of societal norms (to the average individual: "social misfits").

In 2007, NR was created as a brand for patriotic Nerds with a mission to restore their place in the forefront of society. It was created to change the perception that all nerds have no interest in fashion, nor do they posses any sort of fashion sense what-so-ever. In 2011, A group of four South African youths made the decision to initiate the re-introduction of the nerds community as rather more 'cooler' in the idea of merging brains with the colloquial meaning of 'swagger'.

Nerds exist in different realities environmentally and circumstantially, and yet maintain that nerdy personality in any given situation at any given geographical location. Nerd Republic thus is a non-confining, revolutionary and representative brand that creates a platform for free expressions of a certain kind of individuals, NERDS! Therefore, this brand enables them to have the platform to lead the masses by distinctively setting trends fashionably. It explores a broader representation of the nerds communities on different platforms in that most of its functionalities provoke the masses' tendencies of trying to "fit in" rather than the nerds adapting a "fitting in" tendency themselves.

The objective of this fast growing South African brand is to facilitate a movement of nerds into self expression without perception boundaries, in a fashoin sense.

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