Nell Fjordd - "The Bearded Blues Babe Bard of Bootle" is a blues musician of indeterminate age. She is thought to reside in the north Wales area, surrounded by various guitars, effects and a plethora of music focused laptops. Distinguishing features include a bushy beard and a gob of iron. Her career in the blues scene has not been well documented, but it is known that her first major step was as part of the Irrational Hell Bland whose seminal album "Arfur 1 - and 1 for all ! " was released in 1968, and not followed up until the live album release "Did The Bear shit in the woods? - Live from Woodstock". In a coincidence mirroring the life of monkee Micky Dolenz (whose mum invented Tippex), Nells mother in law holds the patent for "Butt Bungs" a form of butt plug. Nell is an avid fan of sci-fi and horror movies and actually featured in the movie Irish Jam as a mutant Leprechaun. She is also credited with being the originator of the slogan (and subsequent graffiti) "Clapton Is God". She once auditioned to be a member of ZZ Top and actually out-bearded Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill - her pubic hair arrangement even put Frank Beards tache to shame ! Rumour has it that Nell is planning an imminent return to the music biz with a concept album "Weather formin Blues" based on her experiences with Metformin and various medical concoctions supplied by the subject of his last E.P. "No Sleep til Deeside Medical Centre". One of her stool samples is reported to be kept in the National Stool Archive in Cardiff.

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