Nayko Island by Danielle Watson

About Nayko Island Alex opened her mouth to ask what they were going to do now. Before the words had formed on her lips, the water beneath them began to spin uncontrollably pulling them torward the grid which was glowing bright gold. With a bump they hit the bottom of the pool. The golden grid glowed mysteriously. Justin and Alex find a magical world and Alex gets kidnapped. Justin has to go to extreme lengths to rescue his sister. His only companion, an over grown teddy bear. the official Nayko Island website.

About Danielle Watson Danielle Watson was born to Pauline Wayman and Daniel Watson in Rush Green Hospital Romford Essex on the 12th of September 1988. Danielle has an older brother Mark Watson. Mark is twenty two months older than Danielle. Danielle and her brother Mark grew up on the Rylands Estate in Dagenham Essex. On the day Danielle was born Mark went to the hospital and tried to climb into the cot to be with his baby sister. From that day to this Mark and Danielle remain best friends. From an early age Pauline saw Danielle's potential. When Pauline took Danielle for her injections when she was two years old, the nurse left a puzzle on the table and when she returned moments later the puzzle was completed. The nurse automatically thought Pauline Had completed the puzzle and was shocked to discover Danielle had in fact completed the puzzle. Danielle was very advanced in her developement. By the time Danielle was four years old she was able to read all by herself. Danielle knew from that early age she wanted to be a published author. Danielle was always praised for her creativity. Although she was a quiet and shy girl she always spoke her mind. Her nursery teacher said Danielle was four going on fourty four.

The idea for Nayko Island came to Danielle in a dream. When she woke up Danielle wrote the idea down. It took Danielle a bit of time to write the book. It took longer to get published. Danielle and her family now live in Paignton Devon. Danielle is trying to let more people know about her book. Danielle would greatly appeciate feedback.

What's next for Danielle Danielle is currently working on Nayko Island 2. Danielle has plans for Nayko Island 3. Danielle is going to take time out from her writing to become a mother. Danielle doesn't have a partner, neither does she want one. She just wants to fulfill a life long dream. Danielle loves being a surogate mum to her three year old netherland dwarf rabbit Maddie and twelve week old syrian hamster Honey. Danielle really wants to be a mother to her own baby.

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