The National Homebrew Club is a group of homebrewers in Ireland, currently consisting of over 200 members.

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The National Homebrew Club was created in 2011[1] as a mechanism for a group of Irish homebrewers to purchase a large quantity of Cornelius kegs from a supplier in Germany. Up until that point no group or organisation was willing to facilitate the purchase. Ultimately two people set up a joint bank account to cater for this and the National Homebrew Club was born.


The National Homebrew Club aims to:

  • Promote the craft of homebrewing in Ireland
  • Organise and run Ireland’s biggest homebrew competition
  • Provide an umbrella structure for regional homebrew communities
  • Organise brewing demonstrations and other activities
  • Provide discounted pricing on homebrewing materials via group buys
  • Provide secure banking facilities for anyone wishing to organise any club related activity
  • Provide a pooled Wiki of brewing knowledge specific to Ireland, and encourages members to add and contribute to this unique resource
  • Provide a defacto beer event calendar


The National Homebrew Club is a not-for-profit organisation run by a committee of homebrewers, to which any National Homebrew Club member is welcome to volunteer. Currently there are volunteers from all over Ireland. The structure is dynamic and as such there are no full-time formal roles apart from Treasurer, which is currently being fulfilled by Brian Dempsey. The National Homebrew Club is not an industry support group of any kind and as such provides no formal support for companies or commercial events.



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