Proposed national anthems of Northern Province
Eela Naadae, Elil, Soolum Naadae
Eruthu paar kodi
Vaalka Eela Tamilakam
along with others</small>

There is no official National anthem of Northern Province, Sri Lanka, however a number of songs are used as de facto Tamil anthems, most notably Eela Naadae, Elil, Soolum Naadae, Eruthu paar kodi, Vaalka Eela Tamilakam [1][2] with Sri Lanka Matha as the national anthem of the Sri Lanka as a whole.

There have been subsequent attempts to re-open the debate on a national anthem for Northern Province, Sri Lanka.

Current use

Several songs are used by Tamils in the Northern Province, Sri Lanka and in diaspora on several occasions[1]. Officially Tamil version of Sri Lanka Matha sing in Schools, Universities and Government offices in Northern Province, Sri Lanka.

LTTE once controlling de-facto Vanni in Northern Province attempted to create a National anthem. Several Tamil organisations in and around the world using Vaalka Eela Tamilakam, Eruthu paar kodi, Eela Naadae, Elil, Soolum Naadae.

Eela Naadae, Elil, Soolum Naadae is the song which praising the unified Sri Lanka and it is written before the civil war commenced. It is written by notable Tamil peoet of Sri Lanka Mahakavi T.Uruthiramurthiyar[3][4].

Possible candidates

There are some songs which are widely used by Tamils as Provincial anthem. Such songs are

"Eela Naadae, Elil, Soolum Naadae"
"Eruthu paar kodi"
"Vaalka Eela Tamilakam[5]"

Future discussion

Despite number of songs suggested by various people for Provincial anthem of Northern Province yet to convene any parliamentary debate on the issue, and Northern Province council should decide a song and officially declare it as Provincial anthem suiting Tamil culture and Heritage of Tamil people of Northern Province.

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