Nation Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) is a radio and TV network that has been operating in the Philippines since 1953. As of August 2012 NBC subsidiary of MediaQuest Holdings, Inc. and is located at Locsin Building at 6752 Ayala Avenue Makati


NBC on Radio

NBC was the first network to broadcast on a 24-hours basis outside of Metro Manila. It launched the FM stations

NBC Stations Nationwide

NBC Radio Stations (Radyo5)

Branding Callsign Frequency (Channel) Power (kW) Location
92.3 News FM DWFM 92.3 MHz (Channel 222) 25 kW Metro Manila
102.3 News FM Baguio DZYB-FM 102.3 MHz (Channel 272) 10 kW Baguio City
102.9 News FM Dagupan DZVP-FM 102.9 MHz (Channel 272) 10 kW Dagupan City
107.1 News FM Laoag DWYF-FM 107.1 MHz (Channel 272) 10 kW Laoag City
104.1 News FM Tuguegarao DZKQ-FM 104.1 MHz (Channel 272) 1 kW Tuguegarao
106.1 News FM Isabela DZYG-FM 106.1 MHz 2 kW Santiago, Isabela
105.5 News FM Iloilo DYNB-FM 105.5 MHz 10 kW Iloilo City
102.3 News FM Bacolod DYBC-FM 102.3 MHz 5 kW Bacolod City
101.9 News FM Cebu DYNC-FM 101.9 MHz 10 kW Cebu City
101.5 News FM Cagayan De Oro DXRL-FM 101.5 MHz 5 kW Cagayan De Oro City
97.5 News FM General Santos DXVI-FM 97.5 MHz 5 kW General Santos City
101.9 News FM Davao DXFM 101.9 MHz 10 kW Davao City

Defunct radio stations

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kW) Location
88.7 Donna DWYC 88.7 MHz 5 kW Cabanatuan

NBC TV stations (AksyonTV)

Branding Callsign Ch# Power (kW) Station Type Location (transmitter site)
AksyonTV 41 Manila DWNB-TV TV-41 60 kW Originating Metro Manila
AksyonTV 34 Baguio DWRU-TV TV-34 50 kW Relay Baguio
AksyonTV 41 Laoag DZNB-TV TV-41 10 kW Relay Laoag
AksyonTV 22 Dagupan DZVP-TV TV-22 10 kW Originating Dagupan

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