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Nameless Games, is a game development team started by Kyle Michielsen, and Lucas Benninger.


The team was originally founded as Subsurf Games, back in 2011. The team name "Subsurf Games" was the most ideal name, but was later taken. The group could not think of another name, so they decided to call it Nameless Games. They were not too fond of the name, but neither of them were good at naming things.

What Nameless Games does

Nameless Games, is currently working on a couple games. They wanted to release a game that the public would enjoy, and one that would further educate them in programming. This game was suppose to be a rather simple game. It is called Cubewars 3D. You are a cube, and you fight other cubes. It doesn't seem like it would make a lot of people be amazed. But they are making it different than every other game.

Nameless Games is also working on a game that will hopefully be released in 2013. The game is called Cordyceps, and is about a zombie Apocalypse. The team had this idea for this game back in late 2010, but never really acted on it. Until now. The story is "Your character is falsely imprisoned, police officer Cliff Meadows. You were framed for murder by Jose Batista and were put in prison. The Judge chose to send you to Kingston Penitentiary, a maximum security prison. Kingston Penitentiary has been home to many of Canada's most dangerous and notorious criminals. In Kingston Penitentiary, scientists were using prisoners to test viruses. The scientists started to test the fungus "Cordyceps", which grows in insects causing them to preform specific actions before they die. The virus mutates and spreads around the prison. The outbreak hits the city, and all hell breaks loose. You escape from prison and decide your wife and daughter are still important to you, even though they have neglected you for the past 15 years while you were in prison. This is a story about your struggle in finding your family and getting to safety." They hope to have the first trailer by the end of the year.

Nameless Games also hosts many servers, like Minecraft, Teeworlds, Teamspeak, and many more. Check out their website for more information on the servers.

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