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Naga Baba are followers of the Shiva sect, they are the representatives of Lord Shiva. The distinguishable features of this sect of sadhus include long knotted hair and naked body smeared with ashes. Naga Sadhus are categorized into Akharas, just like regiments in an army. They hold sticks, spears, swords and trident as a symbol of their identity. Some of the prominent Naga Akharas are Sanyasi Akhadas/Akharas, Bajrangi Akharas/Akhadas and Nirmal Akharas/Akhadas which are further subdivided into numbers of Akharas. Almost all the Akharas of Naga Sadhus take out a procession and go for a Holy Dip during the Kumbh Mela. The processions will be led by Mahamandleshwars (their head teachers), either riding horses or sitting on their grand chariots. The Nagas carry swords, axes, canes, tridents, maces and other weapons in the procession. Except garlands wrapped around their waist, heads and wrists, they wear nothing on their bodies. They shout slogans of 'Har Har Mahadev (in praise of Lord Shiva) and brandishes their weapons into the air while taking a dip into the River. During their Kumbh Pilgrimage they perform various types of Yogic Asanas, Sashtang and indulge in Dandthvad and Philosphical Discourses.

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