Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha (English: You didn't speak nor did I say anything) is an Indian soap opera which aired on the Hindi entertainment channel Colors TV from 9 January – 5 October, 2012. Its season 2 was aired on September 12 2013 onwards.

Plot summary

Season 1

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha is a story about a widowed,mother of two children Mrs. Megha vyas (Aakanksha Singh) who lives with her in laws,fighting for justice to his dead and tainted husband Mr.Amar vyas,who dies in a flyover collapse for which he is blamed of taking money and using cheap quality material for construction.on the other side Mohan Bhatnagar (Kunal Karan Kapoor) an honest and Daring reporter who works for a Hindi news daily called Prabhat Leher. Megha and Mohan's journey starts hating each other due to some misunderstandings.Meanwhile Mohan befriends with Navika (nanhi) Daughter of Megha when Mohan helps her in printing matrimonial ad for her widowed mother Megha,this intensifies Megha's hate for Mohan even though Mohan didn't do it intentionally. The Story turns interesting when Mohan collects evidence against Amar vyas and produces it in front of the committee which was constituted to look into the case of the Flyover collapse for which Amar was held responsible, initially Mohan backsteps about presenting evidence before committee after learning that he is Navika's father and Megha's husband, but his ideals and principles force him to go against them. This makes Megha furious and he also loses friendship of Navika however they get reconciled after some time. Due to Financial problems Megha starts working in Prabhat Leher the same newspaper Mohan works for,Mohan learns that the evidence he presented in front of committee is Fake and he was betrayed by Dinanath a rich Industrialist and the real man behind collapse of Flyover and deliberately implicated dead Amar vyas for escaping from imprisonment. Mohan repents for his blunder and ask for Megha's forgiveness for falsely implicating her Honest Huband. Mohan starts admiring and develops respect for Megha for her bold,simple and caring for others nature who eventually falls in love with her but he doesn't express it to any one not even to his servant and friend Guru who always makes fun of him by linking him to Megha indirectly. Mohan helps Megha from her boss Pratik who tries to misbehave with her,Megha then understands the true intentions of Mohan and both become good friends after that.Megha helps Mohan in challenging her ex Girl friend Rashmi when she insults Mohan for being unsuccessful in his life and also mocks him that he can't get a wife like her in his life. Megha persuades Mohan to pretend him as her husband and both go to the farm house of rashmi and spends a day there with which Mohan's love for Megha augments.Later Mohan helps Megha in proving her huband's innocence by going to Bhopal along with Megha and her father in law and procures evidence to prove Amar's innocence with some twists and turns in the plot which will thrill audience. After proving Amar's innocence Mohan reveals his feelings for Megha but Megha leaves unanswered as she doesn't want to hurt him by rejecting his love and she is afraid of losing friendship with Mohan.But,when Mohan goes to a cover a story about drug Mafia he gets shot by mafia megha then starts loving Mohan after understanding that she fell in love with him but,she conceals her feeling because she believes that marrying Mohan will ruin his life as this marriage will only become burden for him and also because of Mohan's mother who hates Megha and her children.After some drama both get married.

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