The Northwest Arkansas Lunch Bunch consist of a group of ten (10) friends: Richard Clifton, Jason Daugherty, Jason Gilbert, Jud Couch, Alex Neal, Craig McCoulough, David Dyer, Rick Lawson, John David Lindsey and Mark Phillips. Throughout the past several years all of the guys have become close friends and enjoy any kind of sporting event (sliding) and talking trash to each other. Below you will find a short bio about each one:

Richard Clifton Born March 20, 1974 and was raised in Wilmot, AR. Richard owns and operates Bio-Waste Disposal Services in Rogers Arkansas and is also a professional Auctioneer. His hobbies are fishing, hunting and adult beverages. Currently lives in Fayetteville, AR

Jason Daugherty Jason Daugherty was born and raised in the Northwest Arkansas area. Jason is Married to Mary Kate (out of his league) and the have one daughter, Halle. He is the owner on 1st Employment staffing in Fayetteville, AR. Jasons hobbies are golf, and doing anything to annoy Richard Clifton.

Jason Gilbert Jason is from Mountain View Arkansas. Jason is an attorney in Fayetteville. He married way out of his league to Kalie and they have one daughter, Avery.

Jud Couch We are not sure where Jud is from. It is either Rison, AR or Pine Bluff, AR. Jud is second in charge at TCM Enterprises. Jud is a little brighter than the rest of the NWALB and sometimes he will correct you if you are wrong. He usually corrects Jason Gilbert for saying stupid stuff.

Alex Neal Alex is also from Northwest Arkansas. We are not sure what he does for a job but we do know that his hobbies include golf, morning and afternoon naps.

Craig McCoulough Craig is from the Tulsa area. He is another that married way out of his league. He is married to Jessica and they have one daughter, Easton. Craig owns the H&R Block locations in NWA but he doesnt work there. You can find Craig either on the golf course or the lake. We have not figured out how to get the life that he has. #hasitmade

David Dyer

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