{{Infobox company |name = NET Power LLC | |slogan = Clean, Cheap Energy |type = Private Company |industry =[[Green Energy], Power Generation, Oil/Gas, Enhanced Oil Recovery |founder = William G. Brown, Miles Palmer |location_city = Durham, NC |area_served = Worldwide }}

NET Power LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Durham, NC focused on commercializing the Allam Cycle. NET Power is developing a high-pressure, supercritical carbon dioxide, oxyfuel power cycle that produces cost-effective electric power with no air emissions. Unlike other power generation technologies that release their emissions to the atmosphere or employ expensive, add-on carbon capture systems, the primary byproduct of NET Power is pipeline quality, high-pressure carbon dioxide. The CO2 can be used for enhanced oil recovery, which can greatly increase reliable reserves of oil in the United States and around the world while sequestering carbon dioxide below ground.

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