The My Little Pony Toyline is first created in 1982, the creation of American illustrator and designer Bonnie Zacherle. Together with sculptor Charles Muenchinger and Manger Steve D'Aguanno, Bonnie submitted a design patent in August 1981 for "an ornamental design for a toy animal". She was then working for Hasbro. The patent was granted in August 1983. Since its debut, the whole series became popular towards the female demographic and countless generations were made within each era.

The universe surrounding the Toyline is also very notable also as these were very iconic and even readopted in the current franchise.


Hip Marks/Cutie Marks

Hip marks (Or cutie marks as of 2003) is a common feature and special characteristic of the My Little Pony toy line. The cutie marks on the toys sometimes don't precisely match their design on the show. Additionally, while the show features cutie marks on both sides of the pony, the toys feature the marks on only one side. The side varies between toys.

In the animations prior to Friendship is Magic, each pony are born with a cutie mark, which reflects a pony's personality, talent and abilities. Thought Cutie Marks are shown to represent various objects or special illustrations, each cutie mark are unique to each pony and differentiates them to each other. In Friendship is Magic, a Cutie Mark is a symbol of each pony's talent and calling in life. As explained in the episode "Call of the Cutie", that ponies are born without a cutie mark. The cutie marks are obtained when ponies discover a unique characteristic that sets themselves apart from others. Magic can't make a cutie mark appear, and that the mark will only appear in due course. The meanings of cutie marks are not always literal. For example: Cheerilee's cutie mark is three smiling flowers, and she explains it represent her wish that her students "bloom" and be happy.

In the series, numerous evidence has shown that the cutie marks appearance will only take place if the pony acknowledges their talent.

Pony Races

Another important thing in the franchise is the race of Ponies that represents the toys. As each pony are diverse and different through their cutie marks, they are also very unique on which race they were born. As of 2012, there are 7 pony races that debuted throughout each generation. Each of them as followed bellow:

Earth Ponies
Earth ponies were the original ponies to feature in the My Little Pony toy line. Earth ponies have a special connection to nature and animals. Though they lack the ability to consciously cast spells like unicorns or to fly and walk on clouds like pegasi, their connection to nature makes them "just as necessary" as and "perhaps more important" than the other ponies.[1]
Pegasus Ponies
Pegasus ponies were introduced shortly after Earth ponies in the original My Little Pony toy line. On the show, they are called either Pegasus ponies or Pegasi, and mostly "Pegasus" for a single pony, though "Pegasus pony" is also used. Pegasus ponies have a passive kind of magic that allows them to walk on clouds and manipulate the weather.[2]
Unicorn Ponies
Unicorns, or Unicorn Ponies were introduced after Earth ponies in the original My Little Pony toy line. In previous animated series', they had the ability to teleport magically or "wink out", but did not ordinarily have any other magical abilities. This was changed when My Little Pony: The Movie debuted and showed that each Unicorn Ponies have their special abilities using magic with their horns such as telekinesis, elemental powers and also telepathy.
Ponies with wings and horns
Ponies born with wings and horns are a special casein the toyline, as they possess both abilities from both Pegasus and Unicorn Ponies. The first appearance of this class is in My Little Pony Tales with the debut of Dazzleglow. Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Princess Cadance soon debuted after in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, but they were called unicorns in the prologue, and Luna is called a "Pegasus unicorn" on Hasbro's My Little Pony Facebook page.[3] On merchandise the princesses, including Princess Cadance, are called "Pony Princesses". In A Canterlot Wedding, Twilight Sparkle contrasts Cadance being a "princess" with herself being a "regular old unicorn." Despite this, one of the storyboard artists calls the princesses alicorns.
Flutter Ponies
Flutter Ponies are another race of ponies that only debuted in the first generation. These are ponies who possess tiny bodies, curly hair, longer legs than regular ponies and fairy-like wings. The Flutter Ponies may appear delicate, but in truth, they are powerful in large numbers and possess a powerful ability called the Utter Flutter, which allows them to blow away everything in their path by flapping their wings in a rapid speed. They are rarely seen, as Flutter Ponies are rather shy and preferred to live in seclusion, usually in Flutter Valley. Their social system is depended on a Queen, mostly by the leadership of Queen Rosedust.
Seaponies are another race of ponies based on the Hippocamp, a mythological creature shared by Phoenician and Greek mythology. Seaponies dwell in the rivers and lakes of Dream Valley, and they love underwater polo and can perform elaborate songs and dance numbers.
The Breezies, or Breezie Ponies are small, fairy-like Ponies who debuted in the third generation of the toyline. Breezies usually have butterfly-like wings and antennae on their heads and tend to be playful but have a special connection with plants, usually when it comes to gardening. They like the Flutter Ponies also live in seclusion in Breezy Blossom, but they sometimes visit Ponyville during special occasions.

Magical Items

Various Magical Items also exist in the My Little Pony Universe and either of them wielded by either good or evil. Each Magical item as follows:

Rainbow of Light
The Rainbow of Light is a small locket-like item that debuted in the first My Little Pony Special. Currently in possession by Megan Williams, the locket was given to her by the Moochick in order to stop Tirek for unleashing the "Night that Never Ends" using the Rainbow of Darkness. As the Rainbow of Light is first shown to be small and powerless, it later became powerful after it absorbed the Rainbow of Darkness and destroyed Tirek with it. Since then, Megan keeps the Rainbow of Light to protect the ponies from harm.
Rainbow of Darkness
The Rainbow of Darkness is a sack-like item that debuted in the first My Little Pony Special. Owned by Tirek, the Rainbow of Darkness possesses powerful black magic which corrupts everything it touches. It can even turn the ponies he captured into evil dragons which were used to pull his "Chariot of Darkness" and execute the event called the "Night that Never Ends", on which he will use it to corrupt Dream Valley and plunge it into chaos. It was absorbed by the Rainbow of Light during the final battle.
Flash Stone
The Flash Stone is a powerful amulet that once wielded by Squirk. As Pluma explained to Megan, the Flash Stone was a powerful item that can do anything on whoever wields it. Squirk used it once to punish is subjects before the water in Dream Valley got drained away. Pluma's grandfather took the Flash Stone away from Squirk and breaks it into two: one piece was thrown in deepest part in the river and the other is in the place where Paradise Estate is built. However, after Squirk took Pluma's grandfather prisoner forced her to find the two halves, he then started to flood Dream Valley once again using its magic. But Megan put a stop to his plans as she herself took the Flash Stone and defeated Squirk, before she destroys it so no one can abuse its power.
Magic Wand
The Magic Wand is a wand-like item that only debuted in My Little Pony Crystal Princess: The Runaway Rainbow. Wielded by Rairty, one of the Rainbow Princesses, the Magic Wand is a key item for bringing in the First Rainbow of the Season in Unicornia. It allows her to control the colors lets her summon the Crystal Carriage through a special twirl. When it's not in use, she stores it inside her mane.
Twinkle Wish
Twinkle Wish is a sentient Wishing Star-like item, only debuting in My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure. Twinkle Wish is described in the legends of the Winter Wishes Festival as the one who grant every pony one special wish. As a sentient item, she usually sleeps inside a box to get enough magic and energy for the festival so she can grant everyone's wishes. She was "kidnapped" by Whimsey, leaving the ponies to get her back before the night of the festival.
Elements of Harmony
The Elements of Harmony are magical artifacts that are used by Twilight Sparkle and her friends to defeat Nightmare Moon at the end of the first episode of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, and defeat Discord in The Return of Harmony. They are first mentioned in the Prologue of the series' first episode, and said to be the most powerful magic known to ponydom. They were once located in the ruins of the "ancient castle of the royal pony sisters" which is located in the Everfree Forest. As each ponies demonstrate a noble quality throughout their journey, it then later linked to an Element of Harmony. They come upon five of the Elements of Harmony (briefly shown to be six) which are shown as stone orbs. They are later transformed through Twilight's magic into gem-studded jewelery, all of them matching the cutie mark of the wearer.



Ponyland is the main setting of the animated series My Little Pony and My Little Pony Tales. Ponyland is a mystical land, home to all kinds of magical creatures and Magical Ponies, who live in a part of Ponyland known as Dream Valley. The Little Ponies make their home in Paradise Estates, a mansion located in Dream Valley where they live a peaceful life filled with song and games. Other Parts of Ponyland include Bright Valley, the Midnight Castle and lastly, the Heart of Ponyland. Megan, Danny and Molly were the only humans who could reach Ponyland by crossing over the Rainbow with a Pegasus Pony's help.

In My Little Pony Tales. Ponyland is home to many Earth Ponies where everyone lived essentially like human beings, attending school, frequenting an ice cream shop, going on dates, entering talent contests and even roller-skating. The whole place is designed to resemble much more of a town rather than Dream Valley, which is more of grazing grounds. As shown in the episode "Up, Up and Away", the west side of the town is surrounded by a vast sea.

Friendship Gardens

The Friendship Gardens is the main setting for the Generation 2 My Little Pony Toyline. Sometimes called Ponyland outside the US, Friendship Gardens is a magical place surrounded by lush greenery and rainbows. The place is home to all the ponies.


Ponyville is the setting for the Generation 3 My Little Pony Specials and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. A hamlet inhabited by small, colorful ponies, Ponyville consists of houses, businesses and meadows surrounding the central Celebration Castle. There originally appeared to be no distinct ruler, but the discovery of Spike the dragon brought a new princess, Princess Wysteria, who generously named every pony on Ponyville a princess too. Most of the animated features for the current My Little Pony line have stories set in Ponyville.

The hamlet of Ponyville features public places similar to those in a human town. There are two main eateries: the Cotton Candy Cafe and the Sweetberry Sweet Shoppe. Instead of a library, ponies visit Storybelle's house where she has a huge archive of stories. A hair salon called The Twist n' Style Petal Parlor, which is also the center for a lot of pony gossip, is managed by Daffidazey. Meadowbrook is the owner of a 'flower shop'. The main attractions in Ponyville are the Celebration Castle, where important events are held and where Spike lives, and the Ever Forever Green Tree, where the events of the Winter Wishes Festival are held. Also, an ice cream parlor and a clothing boutique are introduced as playsets, but not mentioned in the movies.

All the ponies live in Ponyville. Houses are very simple and cottage-like. In a few movies, from the few brief glimpses we get of the interiors, most prominently in My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas, there are typically about three rooms, the living room, the bedroom, and another room, most likely the kitchen. The interiors of the houses are decorated according to the tastes of the pony. For instance, Rainbow Dash's home is decorated with Rainbows, Pinkie Pie's home is very pink, Minty's home is all green, etc.

Ponyville has a lot of scenery. It is rich with water, hosting magnificent waterfalls, large ponds and bubbling rivers. A river runs through the lower half of Ponyville, running further up. North of Ponyville are some small hills, where air balloons are docked. Any pony may go up and hop into an air balloon. Several notes of interest include that Kimono, 'the wisest pony', lives on the far edge of Ponyville near a pond. Storybelle's house doubles as a public library. Although considered a hamlet, which has usually four of five houses in it, several scenes show it is much bigger than a hamlet. Possibly a village or town. Three other fictional locations surrounding Ponyville are the flowery area of Breezy Blossom, the tropical island of Butterfly Island, and the Royal City of Unicornia.

In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Ponyville has been redesigned as a village instead of a town and has had an incredible change unlike its previous generation. It is also the main setting of the series, and home to the main cast. It appears to be a very friendly community, and most Ponyville residents seem to know each other by name. The town was originally founded by Earth Ponies after one of the first settlers, Granny Smith, discovered the Zap Apples and the creation of the Zap Apple Jam. Now, members of all three pony races live there. Public facilities in Ponyville include a large pavilion in the town square which also features a fountain, and a library which has become the residence of Twilight Sparkle – leaving its status in doubt, although the signs outside haven't changed. Businesses in Ponyville include the Sugarcube Corner confectionary; a restaurant, which the name isn't mentioned, with a very proper waiter pony; Rarity's custom dress shop, the Carousel Boutique; an herb shop operated by a pony called Daisy; a joke shop; and a bath/spa. Food carts also operate on the streets.

Butterfly Island

Butterfly Island is a faraway island located in the seas away from Ponyville. It's originally the home for all Pegasus Ponies in Generation 3, especially Star Catcher. The island can be accessed through the Rainbow Waterfall, if someone has a special wish.

Breezy Blossom

Breezy Blossom is a small flower area located nearby Ponyville, inhabited by miniature pixie-like ponies called Breezies. The inhabitants of Breezie Blossom live inside flower-like houses.


Unicornia is a large metropolis-like royal city located somewhere far away from Ponyville. The city is home to several Unicorn Ponies and magic is essential in the capital on which the main attraction is the Crystal Rainbow Castle. Several festivals in Unicornia include the Rainbow Celebration and the Night of the Thousand Lights. According to My Little Pony Crystal Princess: The Runaway Rainbow, rainbows are created in Unicornia under the castle's Crystal Dome. In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Unicornia is referenced during the Hearth's Warming Eve play as a name suggested by Platinum.


The land of Equestria is the setting for the animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The population consists largely of intelligent, talking animals, with ponies being the most prominent species. Equestria is co-ruled by two sisters, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, and is divided into several regions. Among these are the rural town of Ponyville; the Wild West-styled settlements of Appleloosa and Dodge Junction; the sky city of Cloudsdale, inhabited by pegasi; Manehattan, an urban metropolis; and Canterlot, the capital of Equestria and the site of Celestia and Luna's palace. Other areas mentioned in passing (but not depicted in any episode to date) are Trottingham, Hoofington, Fillydelphia, Las Pegasus, and Baltimare. Whitetail Wood, Froggy Bottom Bog (a swampy area that is home to many frogs), and Ghastly Gorge (a deep ravine filled with hazards) are also close to Ponyville.

Everfree Forest
The Everfree Forest is a wildly overgrown area in which many strange creatures live. Although ponies control the weather and environment in the rest of Equestria, the laws of nature operate independently in this forest. As a result, many ponies are reluctant to venture into it. The two-part pilot episode reveals that the forest contains the ruins of a castle in which the Elements of Harmony are housed; they are subsequently moved to Canterlot for safekeeping.
Located high on a mountainside overlooking Ponyville, Canterlot is the capital city of Equestria, the residence of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna and the site of important cultural events such as the annual Grand Galloping Gala. Canterlot is also Twilight Sparkle's hometown. At the start of the series, she is living there as Princess Celestia's student. The city's annual pageant for Hearth's Warming Eve (a holiday that celebrates the founding of Equestria) draws the largest crowds of any such show in the land. Canterlot's population consists almost entirely of unicorns, and the seasons are changed with magic unlike in Ponyville.
Cloudsdale is the cloud city located in the skies above Ponyville, and is the hometown of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash visits it in episode 16 Sonic Rainboom where she meets old acquaintances of hers from flight school. Unlike Ponyville, Cloudsdale is only home to pegasus ponies, as the whole city is made of clouds, which normally only pegasus ponies can walk on. Public facilities in Cloudsdale include the Cloudosseum stadium and a weather factory.
Appleloosa is a desert town located at the southwestern side of Equestria. Appleloosa is the hometown of Applejack's cousin, Braeburn, and was the main setting of episode 21 Over A Barrel, in which the townsponies and the buffalo were feuding over the land. Appleloosa is a typical Wild West town, complete with the typical buildings: a clock tower, a dance location, a saloon (which serves salt instead of alcohol), and a sheriff's office.
Manehattan is a metropolitan city located west of Ponyville. Applejack describes it as "the most cosmopolitan city in all of Equestria" and lived here with her Aunt and Uncle Orange for a short time as a filly. The city sports a pony version of the Statue of Liberty.
Dodge Junction
Dodge Junction is a Western-styled town introduced in episode 40, "The Last Roundup." After taking part in the Equestria Rodeo Competition in Canterlot, Applejack moves here and takes a job harvesting cherries at the Cherry-O Ranch.
Tartarus is mentioned in episode 46, "It's About Time" as the home of many "ancient evil creatures." While it is never seen, Twilight Sparkle returns the three-headed dog Cerberus to its gates so that the evil creatures inside do not escape and destroy Equestria.

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