My Excuse is an alternative modern rock band from Greece. American frontman Steven Triant formed the band in 2002 and in 2003 they released their first album with Universal Records. The album saw record sales in Greece in the “foreign language” category and the debut single “Happy” reached the number 1 spot on most pop/rock radio stations in Greece. After the success of their first album, they took a forced break due to their studies, and military obligations.

In 2009 they reunited and in 2010 released the single “Is it Over Now”. The single saw huge success in Greece and was produced by Grammy award winner Ronald Saint Germain. In February 2012 they participated in the country’s largest filanthropic music/fashion show, Madwalk while they continued to perform in Athens and Thessaloniki (Greece) on a weekly basis as resident band in the four most popular clubs in the country selling out their shows.

June 2012 and My Excuse are visiting the United States for a series of live performances, studio sessions and a variety of activities that will help them evolve their dynamic course and talent. They successfully perform in a number of venues, including the Stars & Stripes Festival in Lake Michigan. Along with their U.S. Tour, My Excuse, are preparing the international release of their new single “Silent Revolution” in July 3rd 2012. The track, which is part of their new album that they are currently working on, is produced by Ronald Saint Germain.

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