My Bffs

  I have lots of good friends, but, I personly have five amazing bffs Jay, Zanda, Kait, Regan, and Raine. They are always there for me and I will always be there for them. If I ever feel down they must not be in the room because they would never let that happen. We love each other just like we are sisters and nothing will break that connection. 
    She has been one of my bffs from the start. She is funny, nice, smart, and trust worthy. She is a true lover and wouldn't let anything happen to you. She is also funloving and an awesome friend.
   Zanda(or Zanda Panda)
    She is also one of my long time friends. She is honest, smart, sweet, and very trust worthy. You colud tell this girl anything and she wouldn't squeel. She would never tell a lie, and I mean NEVER! She is also very fun to be around.
    She was one of my first friends when I started my new school and we have been friends ever since. She is very remarkable, nice, smart,  and kind. We have been off and on friends for a while now but during this last year(2012) I think that we have gotten much closer. 
  Regan and I have only been friends for a short while but I feel like I have known her just as long. She is trustworthy, funny, nice, sweet, and smart(sometimes)jk. Anyway she has been trying very hard to make things seem like they have always been this way. Some times I feel like I can tell her things that I can't tell my other friends. And let me tell you, two years ago I could bearly talk to her without starting an arguement. But I am glad to say that we have gotten really close.
    If you think that you and your best friend are close you haven't seen me and Raine. I know just about every thing about her from her favorite color to her haritage. I am also the family friend from her dad to her youngest brother that is three. She is honest, smart, sweet, and very comical. Weather the room is dead silent or you just look each other in the eye she will start laughting like it's no ones buisness, and she will make you do it too. I love Raine( like a sis).
  So as you can see I love my bffs and no one can change that. No matter what happens, or what roads lie ahead of us we will be sis for life.
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