My 31st Demerit is a rock band from Chittagong, Bangladesh.


Students breaking rules at William Carey Academy Chittagong are handed demerits; and once their bad deeds add up to 31, expulsion follows. With rebellion in mind, students of the Academy formed the band 'My 31st Demerit' in 2007.

In the haze of genres, sub-genres and remixes, My 31st Demerit stands out from the crowd with their attempt at going back to the root of Rock. The best pieces of music are often produced when rebellion is turned into compositions. The band rebels against the recent trend of forgetting where we started and tries to reintroduce classic Rock to the music hungry crowd.

With Mashfee on vocals, Tanshi on leads, Omer on riffs, Hasan on drums and Sayeef on bass, the band recently released its latest track “Char Deyal” in the album “Rock 404”. Growing up as a band in the port city was tough, as the band blames poor organisation in the music arena there. Sophisticated listeners of Chittagong who crave good music, however, gave the band constant inspiration to carry on their journey. With fellow Chittagongian bands A.O.D, Effigy, Hemorrhage and Blunderware, their Rock overpowers the foghorns that blow at the port.

My 31st Demerit defines itself as a classic Rock band, with influences like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pink floyd and Alterbridge. All of the members' parents have been very supportive, letting the band's latent talent go loose in the world. The band also owes thanks to Rafa from Aurthohin, Blunderware's Shanto (who is also the band's manager) and Mechanix's Tridib for their support since its inception.

Sahim Rashid of My 31st Demerit was the founder member of the band (also the one who came up with the band's name) and turned some enthusiastic dreams of young minds into reality. His untimely demise in 2009 shook the band, but Sahim's spirit lives on through its music -- “Char Deyal” being the band's elegy for Sahim.

Having fun while doing music is a key ingredient to the band's fountain of creativity. The band's music is forged by the members' friendship with each other, and is a pure expression of themselves.

The band is set to release another single in the album “Aashor” along with a number of heavy tracks in the making.

The band is still young and growing, picking up bits of experience and maturity on their way. But with every etching of music in the Chittagong music scene, My 31st Demerit is living up to the hype that surrounds them.

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