Music By Idiots is Captain Everything!'s first full-length album. Currently out-of-print, the band made the album available on their website for full download in 2004.

Track listing

  1. Another Song About Girls
  2. imreallyscared
  3. All my Clothes are Brown
  4. Matt vs. the Company
  5. Cigarettes
  6. 1 Minute Love Song
  7. Hey! What Happened?
  8. Fly in my Soup
  9. Over You
  10. B.D.A.
  11. Song in eh?
  12. False Smile
  13. Letting Go
  14. All the Same
  15. That is so Lame
  16. Wet Kisser
  17. Punk Rock Ditty
  18. Fallin' Over
  19. Gastroenteritis
  20. Road Movie
  21. Friday night, 3 o'clock
  22. Dream a little dream
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