Musa Daud was born in Malawi on 3 June, 1993. He rose to fame with his talent, art. When he was 11 years old at St. Augustine One Catholic Primary School, he discovered his talent. He initially used to draw cartoons.

As he continued with his primary education, then his talent developing more and more, teachers used to call him for help. They would tell him to draw some sketches or write words in a decorative way for particular or specific lessons. He wrote national exams and acquire a PSLCE certificate (Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education). Thereafter, Musa was selected to Mangochi Secondary School. MHSS in short.

St. Augustine One Primary School, by that time, had no electricity. Therefore, it was easier for teachers to make them drawings and whatever else they told him to use his God-gifted talent. The school could not buy solar panel to provide electricity for the school since they were very expensive. Computers, printers and photocopying machines were also expensive. As a result of that, teachers continued with their requests until if left the school.

Lucky at MHSS, there was everything for easier and quicker education. But still teachers could call him. It was either to draw their faces or for other school activities. He wrote national examinations for Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) and passed with wonderful grades. This was in 2009 he got this certificate. In 2011, the secondary school leaving year, he got a MANEB's MSCE certificate (Malawi School Certificate of Education). All other certificates if acquired were MANEB's but this one is very useful up to now because you can only enrol to college with that.

Musa Daud realised that something was missing in his life. A belief in God, Allah. In 2003, he indulged himself with the Islamic school - Madras in Arabic - life. His teacher at the Madras took him to start preaching to people the Islamic teachings. Musa, also known as Artex travelled the south and the central Mangochi with fellow muslims for the sake of seeking blessings from Allah and happiness towards Musa.

Christopher Nkhoma, his birth name. He changed it for Islamic course.

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