MultiClet is a technical term that defines processor core or processor with multicellular architecture.[1] The author of multicellular architecture is Nikolay Streltsov[2], the term “multiclet” was coined by Boris Zyryanov, the Doctor of Engineering.

MultiClet is a trademark.[3]

MultiClet Corp. is a Russian company dealing with creation, production and market launch of high-performance defect-tolerant processor cores and processors with low power consumption designed on the base of multicellular architecture.[4]

Company History

2001 – prototype of multicellular processor (synputer) was designed in the Ural Architectural Laboratory by Nikolay Streltsov.

2003 – synputer gained a prize in nomination “The best product of the Year” at the forum of new products presented at Annual International Signal Processing Conference in Dallas, USA.[5]

2006 – project of multicellular architecture became a winner in Moscow competition of Russian Innovations as a breakthrough innovative project.

2008 – project of principally new multicellular architecture was submitted for Innovation Technologies Foundation approval and got financial backing.[6]

2009 – the prototype of multicellular processor was featured in IT-technology and nanotechnology exhibition “ International Salon of Innovations and inventions”.

2010 – on the basis of the developments and intellectual property combination of “Ural Architectural Laboratory” Ltd and “Innovation Technologies” Foundation MultiClet Corp. was formed. Boris Zyryanov became a company CEO and Nikolay Streltsov took a position of Technical Director.[7]

MultiClet Corp. Today


Company specialists deal with developing and adopting a product line including processor cores as well as processors with a principally new architecture.[8] MultiClet Corp. is profiling its products for the following market segments[9]

  • mobile and video communications,
  • audio-processors (including hearing aids, telephone headsets),
  • “Antihacker” trust-processors for bank applications,
  • automotive electronics («intellectual» on-board systems for automobiles),
  • special applications for FPGA (special hardware).

MultiClet Corp. is a fabless company including 5 departments with Head Office in Yekaterinburg[10] and manufacture in St.Peterburg.


MultiClet Corp. is resident of Skolkovo innovation center. The company presents a project of multicellular architecture design.[11] MultiClet Corp. has the following partners:

  • All-Russian public organization «Delovaya Rossiya» (Business Russia)
  • Regional Public Foundation «Innovation Technologies»


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