Muhammad Sattaur is a contemporary American Muslim leader. He is currently a student at Drexel University, located in Philadelphia.


He was born in 1991 in Berbice, Guyana to a Muslim family. His father, Zameer Sattaur is also a well known, and respected Islamic scholar and leading lecturer in the United States. His adolescent life saw him grow up in Queens, New York, before his family relocated to Long Island. During his years in High School he lead youth study circles and was President of his local chapter of the Muslim Students' Association.

Sattaur is presently known for his work with young Muslim students, and for pushing a more moderate view of Islam in youth circles. He argues strongly and advocates that the foundational principles of America are in line with the foundational principles of Islam. At the core of his teachings is a belief in a tolerant, open and peaceful society.

Current Work

Since its founding in 2008, Muhammad has sat on the board of directors for the Imam Ghazali Institute. In 2011 he founded the Mahabbah Foundation as a charitable extension of his work. The organization is currently in the process of filling their official status and paperwork. Muhammad is also on the executive board of the Muslim Students' Association National umbrella organization. He is presently serving a term as the Eastern United States representative. He also publishes occasionally on his personal blog.


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