Mr. Ng Yiu Kuen, Sometimes known as nyk,  is currently the only Design and technology teacher and one of the Computer Literacy teacher of St.Paul's Co-educational College. He is well-known for all SPCC students because of his straight style of teaching and the marking of CL assignments. His spamming on eClass is also famous. He is the boss of the D&T room. He is also a world-known saw wood grandmaster. He was originally a math teacher, but he swore during his class and got him demoted to a D&T teacher. Another theory claim that he watched non-educational-purpose videos during a test. Rumors suggest that he watches inappropriate stuff during free time/morning assembly.

His famous phrases are:

1. Attention is ATTENTION! I need your attention!

2. Report your class number/class number please/student report your class number!!! (always spoken)

3. Fuck no!

4. Sorry for my stupid jokes. (always spoken)

5. Shut up and lower your voice to the level of the library (always spoken)

6. Due to the continuous harassing to my phone number, with or without caller ID, I had given these numbers to the "Hong Kong Junk Call" and I have blocked this communication way.

7. Thank you for your tolerance of my long and boring speech (spoken every lesson)

8. Good luck my friend! (always spoken)

9. Whoever is making that metal striking noise, please stop it immediately, or you will be in great trouble. I don't care if you do it on purposely or carelessly, just stop it.

10. In order to make my life and your life easier, please follow my rules...

11. Boy/Girl, give me your class and class number for staying hydrated

12. I know my English is very bad but tolerate it.

13. Did you get it?

14. marks deducted from your CL/DT assignment grade. (always spoken)

15. Stop looking at me like a fool. (spoken every lesson)

16. For some mysterious unknown reason ~~~~~~. (always spoken)

17. Shut up and listen to me.

18. Gad (got)(funny accent) it.

19. Just shut that damn mouth up and listen to me!!

20. If you want to blame, just blame that riot.

21. Ok, let's stop these stupid jokes. Forgive me.

Special features:

1) His love of salary (he says that he steals salary from the school)

2) His unique "report-your-number" system.

3) He uses a special system to deal with new students being late. He starts counting (like a fool)  when the first student arrives, and if 3 minutes later someone is still absent the person will be counted as late. With this method some students can just sprint to the D&T room right after the end of the last lesson, thus do harm to the majority. Therefore many people disagree with this system.

Bad things about him:

1) He insults students by calling them pigs, stupid people, or human scum.

(therefore, everyone hates him)

2) He has very, very high self-confidence and thinks that he is the HANDSOMEST person in the whole world.

3) He is a perfectionist against students, but he himself is lousy.

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