Movie32 is an online database of movie trailers, photo galleries, television shows, actors, movie news and well presented weekly box office. Movie32 originated from a hobby, by film enthusiast C. Cristian, who is also founder and CEO of Movie32.


He came up with this idea during the end of 2009 while fixing his dad laptop. Using his web design knowledges, and the help of his best friend B. George, he created the website used today by many people who search online for useful information about movies, television series, actors and news.

Soon after the launch in the beginning of 2010, his two sisters in law joined the team of Movie32. Today K. Bianca is the President and S. Miruna Sonya is the Vice President.

On the web

Day by day, the website becomes a popular online entertainment destination for the movie fans around the world. The database can be browse by categories, and resided on the servers of the SoftLayer Company form Houston, Texas, United States. Movie ratings had been integrated with the website and can be use by anyone. Users can see by whom a certain character was played and can read a biography about the character. Filmography is also available for all the actors presented by the website. Movie32 main pages for each film include synopsis, a short summary of the premise with a general overview. Also, each film comes with an exclusive photo gallery and trailer in HD format.


All volunteers who contribute content to the database technically retain copyright on their contributions but the compilation of the content becomes the exclusive property of Movie32 with the full right to copy and modify, and they are verified before posting.

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