Mostafa Mofidi, translator and essayist in Iran. Born in 1941 and graduated as M.D. ( general Practitioner ) from medical faculty, Tehran University. Beside his involvemant in medical practice, he has been translator from English into Persian ,since 1961, beginning with physical and social sciences. Then for the last two decades, he has switched to fictional literature. has translated works from celebrated authers of Europe, Latin America, United States and Britain, among whome Ernesto Sabato, well- known novelist and winner of Miguel Cervates prize ( whose three famous novels have been translated by this same translator ), Ian McEvan, distinguished British author, T.C. Boyle from the United States, and many others, are worth mentioning. Below, one can be familiar with the main woks of this translator.


1. de Balzac, Honire The chouans, translated from English translation of Les chouans, 1993, Publisher, the translator himself.
2. Oxford concise madical dictionary,1975. Oxford University Press.
3. Fuentes, Carlos, Distant Relations, 2002, Niloofar publicatios.
4. Allende, Isabel, A portrait in Sepia, 2002, Niloofar Publications.
5. Cortazar, Jolio, Final Exam, 2003, Niloofar Publications.
6. Sabato, Ernest, On Heroes And Tombs, 2nd edition,2011. Niloofar Publications.
7. Arguedas, Jose Maria, Deep Rivers, 2007. Niloofar publications.
8. Sabato, Ernesto, The Tunnel, 2008, Niloofar publications.
9. Mcewan,Ian, Atonement, 2012, Niloofar Publications.

Besides the titles beneath has been prepared for publications, but is waiting to get the permission from the ministry of culture and islamic guidance:

1. Mcewan, Ian, Black Dogs, waiting fov permission.
2. McEwan,Ian, Saturday, for permission.
3. Boyle, T.C. , The Tortilla Curtain, waiting for permission.
4. Sabato, Ernesto, The Angel of Darkness.

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