Gino J. Morelli, Britton Chance, Jr, Dave W. Hubbard, Duncan T. MacLane were the team of designers that worked with sailor Dennis Conner in the creation of the first ever Americas Cup catamaran, in the 1988 Americas cup challage - Stars & Stripes US-1[1] The team worked with Scaled Composites to create the wing design and built the 2 hulls in Capastrano Beach, California at RD Boatworks. [1]

Following a complex legal battle, the designers were left with only 10 months to design build and test a boat that would later go on to win in a race that had started when challenge came from New Zeland using a immense monohull New Zealand had designed to make what the courts deemed a legal challenge upon the cup. After winning the races the same Judge ruled that the race was unfair, but a appeals court later overturned the ruling awarding the cup back to the San Diego Yacht Club.

Gino J. Morelli, the teams leader had a passion for catamaran and had been racing and building the large D class cats, designed for use in the Little America cup event, in Costa Mesa California. Today Morelli heads the design group Morelli & Melvin and continues to design racng catamarans.[2]

Duncan MacLane went on to win the "Little Americas Cup" International Catamaran Challenge Trophy in 1996 at the McCrae Yacht Club in Australia in the final race of that series using the C Class catamarans.


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