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Bizu Cristina born March 3, 1991 in Miami, USA is a Dance pop singer, Dancer, DJ and an occasional songwriter.She is known as Morena as a singer and in showbiz. She is in a relationship with a famous Romanian Musician/DJ Tom Boxer and performs with her boyfriend. Cristina, a native of Miami, studied in Targu Jiu at the National College "Catherine Teodoroiu" and also started her career as a Model there. She met Tom Boxer at a Fashion Show in Targiu Jiu. She liked him and immediately got impressed by him. "Undoubtedly, the relationship with Tom Boxer helped her get where she wanted, but it was coupled with a lot of work," says Andrew Popete, former professor of History of Bizu Cristina. After starting a relationship with Tom Boxer, Cristina transferred to Bucharest, Romania and studied at Gheorghe Lazăr National College from where she successfully graduated in 2010. After that She left Modelling and started singing with her boyfriend. She appeared in many music videos. In 2011, Cristina or "Morena" as is known in the showbiz, relesed her first single along with Tom Boxer called "Deep in Love", which became a major hit in Europe, North America, Middle East and South East Asia. She earned fame due to her music and started touring various countries along with her boyfriend "Tom Boxer". She released her second Music Video "Voule Vouse" in start of 2012, which also became a massive hit. Morena released her third single "Hey" with a music video in August, 2012.

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