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Moon Celebration is an international celebration of the moon, triggered by a Malaysian in 2012, with objectives to emphasize people to love and appreciate the moon. The moon, have very many names, for instance, Lunar, Qamar (Arabian) and many more, differentiate by different language.

During the celebration, people are encouraged to get out from their home, stares at moon with their family, relatives or spouse. Besides, he hope that with this blissful celebration, family can get closer, couple can become more intimate, and human can know each other more.

On the other hand, some religious may 'worship' or 'assume' moon as their goddess, god, luck or oracle. Nevertheless, moon always have been imagined as a beautiful lady who transform herself into moon after her love one had been killed in a war. According to, the author states that for some reason, Moon Celebration is secretly dedicated to his love, Munirah Zuber whom have a nickname of Mun (pronounced as Moon). But, he insists that the idea actually came from the girl. By the way, June 11th is the birthday of the girl.

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