OS family Linux
Working state discontinued[1]
Source model Free software / open source software
Supported platforms x86, x86-64, PowerPC
Kernel type

Monolithic kernel

Monoppix is a "Live CD" Linux distribution (based on Knoppix), that works without installing anything on your hard drive, running completely off the CD and RAM.

The main purpose of this distribution was to showcase and spread Mono technology, a free .NET Framework implementation for Linux and Unix operating systems.


  • Mono - runtime environment, compiler and class libraries
  • MonoDevelop - Mono enabled IDE
  • XSP - ASP.NET web server
  • Gtk# - for desktop applications (sample included)
  • MySQL - database server
  • Quickstarts and Mono walkthroughs and tutorials


As of April 2009, Monoppix had not been updated since August 2005, and has apparently been discontinued.[2]


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