MokiMobility is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform provider with solutions for managing mobile devices and single-purpose tablet solutions. The MokiMobility MDM platform is a cloud-based solution running on Google App Engine. MokiMobility supports mobile devices running iOS (v 4.0+) and Android (v. 3.0+). The MokiMobility MDM platform also provides device management APIs to solutions providers and developers building mobile apps and solutions that require device management capabilities on iOS and Android devices.

MokiMobility solutions include MokiMDM and ActiveKiosk and are accessed through MokiManage, the web-based console for accessing the mobile device management platform. MokiMDM provides device management features for Android and iOS device management. ActiveKiosk is a a closed browser kiosk app for the iPad that includes remote management for the app and the iPad.


MokiMobility was founded by Thomas Karren and Ty Allen in 2011 and is based in Lehi, Utah. The executive management team inluces Thomas Karren, Ty Allen, Eric Johnson, Brad Hintze and Jared Blake.


MokiManage - MokiManage is a role-based console for using products provided by MokiMobility. MokiMDM - MokiMDM provides mobile device management for iOS and Android devices. Device management features include: pushing enterprise and 3rd party apps to devices, managing wifi, VPN and email settings, configuring and pushing profiles and restrictions and querying device information. ActiveKiosk - ActiveKiosk is an iPad kiosk app that is a closed browser and can display any web content. ActiveKiosk is remotely managed through MokiManage and includes features like: custom buttons, secure browsing and locking the iPad home button.


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