Mohsen Ghanebasiri (born 1949 in Tehran) is an epistemologist, chemist, author and theorist on economy, culture, arts (cybernetics) and management. He has been the editor-in-chief of Modiriat (Management) monthly journal for years.


Mohsen Ghanebasiri went to Naserkhosrow Primary School, and Darolfonoon and Elmieh High Schools for secondary education. He graduated from Tehran University in chemistry and moved to the United States to continue his education in chemistry in Georgia University. He came back to Iran in 1979 and started working and writing on the managerial domains and started researching. While studying chemistry in the U.S. in the 70s, he did not confine himself to his field of study and read voraciously which made him a man of thought. He was interested in the issues related to the development as a student and did not consider it separate from the cultural domain. As a matter of fact, he believes in the kind of theorizing which, while recognizing human being, technology and culture as separate, considers them united in a domain and does not consider them independent from each other. Moreover, he holds that the key to success and reaching the ideal in this world is recognition firstly, and its scientific and appropriate management secondly.


Ghanebasiri founded Kimia Monthly Journal, the first professional petrochemical journal in Iran, after the Islamic Revolution. Despite being very professional, Kimia established itself very soon among its readers. Ghanebasiri published “From Information to Knowledge” two years after Kimia was closed down. This book is about the “Triplet Equations Theory” and the relation between [physical] mass, energy and information. The most important theory of this book revolves around the theory of the inverse proportionality of the mass, energy and information ratio as well as the hypothesis that there is an inverse proportionality between knowledge and awareness and the consumption of mass and energy by the systems. Ghanebasiri has also published more than 500 articles in different journals, namely, Iran, Gozaresh (Report), San’ate Lastik (Rubber Industry), San’ate Pelastik (Plastic Industry), Amniate Melli (National Security) and Kimia. He was also the editor-in-chief of Modiriat (Management) Monthly Journal and Aryana Gardeshgar (Aryana Tourist) Magazine which published under the title of Saegheh (Thunderbolt) up to its 13th issue.



Ghanebasiri has provided his Triplet Equations Theory based on two theories: 1. the inverse proportionality between awareness, mass and energy 2. the Awareness Ratio Principle according to which the amount of the information given to the system permanently causes the decrease of the awareness of the system and leads to the quality drop in all the systems. This issue is defined in social domains, epistemological domains as well as the domains related to technology and culture.

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