Mohit Rao (born 31 October 1978) is an Indian Stage performer known for his Mind reading stage shows.[1] In his interactive & entertaining show, Mohit Rao appears to be able to predict and influence people’s thoughts, manipulate their decisions and read what a person is thinking.[2]

Though his performances of MindReading appear to be the result of psychic abilities, Mohit Rao achieves his results using Showmanship, Psychology and his innate ability to understand the subconcious mind. He uses a combination of sciences like Hypnosis, [3]Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Magic and the Study of Body Language [4]& Micro-expression to achieve unbelievable results in his Shows.[5]

Stage shows

Corporate Shows

Mohit Rao performs his Mind Reading Show for private events for some of the worlds largest Companies. [6] Details of his Shows can be found on his website.[7]

Public Ticketted Shows

Mohit Rao's Team is working on getting a ticketted format of his Show for the General Public. [8]This project will allows him to showcase his Stage Shows to the general public.[9]

Television series

===Untitled Project (2012)===[10] Mohit Rao announced recently that work was in progress for a new Television show. However details will be released at a later time once the deal was finalised.[11]


While writing is book is not a priority at this stage, Mohit Rao oftens comments about writing his autobiography.[12] He hopes this will help other people who are keen to quit their day job and follow their passion.[13]

Other productions and publications

Mohit Rao is working on different initiatives across various media, to see how far our Mind can be pushed, to achieve unbelievable results. He releases these initiatives regularly, on his website.

DVD releases

Mohit Rao has no plans at this stage to release a DVD of his Show.

Personal life

Mohit Rao lives in Mumbai , [14]India. He is passionate about taking his skill global, to entertain audiences around the world. He belives that he is an 'escapist' and is passionate about movies and plays which he feels transend its audience to another time and place. He is keen that his Shows do the same for his Audience, while teaching them about the potential of their untapped subconcious Mind.

External links

Mohit Rao's Official Website

Video Link of Mohit Rao performing his Show


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