Saudi Arabian fashion model "Rozana" is an aspiring fashion model and a social media influencer with many unique talents and experiences. She has extremely natural acting skills and this – when coupled with her ability to clearly articulate brands and promote products – is what defines her great range of artistry. Roz is a versatile model with sound knowledge of multiculturalism and she is able to handle print campaigns and high-fashion advertorials with great professionalism. Roz also has a proven record of several successful runway shows under her belt. With all these skills and capabilities behind her Model Roz is focused on creating engaging advertising campaigns for high-end and luxury brands and clients.

The Saudi fashion model, who has become famous by her stage name "Roz", began her career in Saudi Arabia, and later was able to attract a large number of fans especially after she moved to the United States of America. She then became the first fashion model from Saudi Arabia to achieve international name and fame.

One of the main reasons is her being a national of Saudi Arabia and also being the first Saudi young woman to enter the modeling field, a field that could be culturally disfavored within the Saudi society. In a previous occasion, Roz, also known and referred to as" Barbie of the Arab Gulf, had stated during an interview with ET in Arabic on the MBC television channel, that she has not worked with a modeling agency, since she could not always wear the type of clothing requested or asked by an agency.

It is worth mentioning that Roz is originally from Medina, Saudi Arabia however she grew up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and she often offers several advises to her followers on social media sites connected to her field. Her presence has created a large controversy since it is really rare for a woman to go into this profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Early Life: Ever since her early childhood, Roz had shown a great interest in fashion modeling and filming. She had sparked great controversy because of her participations in modeling whereas no other woman from the same region had done it before. Roz has stated that she chose modeling, a naturally hard and demanding profession on a woman, to pursue the dream of her childhood. The dream became reality because of her hard work and perseverance. Roz also states that she has always wanted to be unique with her choices, and not to go with the flow. She mentioned that she does prefer live fashion shows, and had participated in runway shows. She prefers filming fashion short videos. videos.


Career: Roz has shown a great enthusiasm for Saudi women to enter the modeling field, and eventually make it to the international fame. Roz is a diverse professional who is greatly competent to handle print campaigns and high-fashion advertorials with also a proven record of successful runway shows. Seeking to take the next career step with a highly distinguished and respected agency focused on creating engaging advertising campaigns for high-end and luxury brand clients.

Sidebar: Born Model Roz 1989 (age 26) Dammam , Saudi Arabia Ethnicity Saudi Arabian Alma mater American International School - Riyadh

Occupation • Model • actress • author • television personality • television presenter • producer • business woman Years active 2012–present Website


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