The Model Organism Protein Expression Database (MOPED, is an expanding proteomics resource that supports rapid browsing of protein expression information from publicly available studies on model organisms and humans. MOPED is designed to simplify the comparison and sharing of proteomics data for the greater research community. MOPED employs the standardized analysis pipeline SPIRE to uniquely provide protein level expression data, meta- analysis capabilities and quantitative data. Data can be queried for specific proteins, browsed based on organism, tissue, localization and condition and sorted by false discovery rate and expression. MOPED empowers users to visualize their own expression data and compare it with existing studies. Further, MOPED links to various protein and pathway data- bases, including GeneCards, Panther, Entrez, UniProt, KEGG, SEED, and Reactome. Protein identifiers are integrated from GeneCards (cross-referenced with MOPED), GI, RefSeq, Locus Tag, UniProt, WormBase, and SGD. The current version of MOPED (MOPED 2.0, 2012) contains over 43000 proteins with at least one spectral match and more than 11 million high certainty spectra. MOPED is developed and supported by the Kolker team at Seattle Children's Research Institute.

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