Mixudo is a web content management system, built on a combination of Twitter Bootstrap and Ruby on Rails. It is proprietary software, but is currently available at no charge for users of the hosted services on which it runs.

The software directs its users to decide upon a domain name or a subdomain of It then points the DNS A record to the site, after which users can create content using the included tools.

The site, hosted on[1], makes use of the affiliate marketing program[2] .


Mixudo started in 2007 as a free content management solution for martial artists. Its creators later began marketing it openly for users to create websites for their own personal use, business, or society and now has more than 68,000 members as reported by Coldwell Banker earlier this year. [3]

Other users include the law firm Harvey Mckibbin Solicitors, the Easy Hire Group, the site and the cancer charity NACCPO [4][not in citation given]

The Mixudo logo makes use of an illustrative framework to represent new websites [5]


Mixudo is built upon the framework of the Twitter Bootstrap, in an aim for greater flexibility in structure manipulation and table layout. Originally, Mixudo was written in a standard LAMP (software bundle) setup, relying on PHP to deliver a user options such as embedding Youtube videos. It later changed to use the Twitter Bootstrap platform to make use of Ruby on Rails, in order to improve page load speed, speed of operations and database functions, and also to make use of a content delivery network.

Mixudo originally had a simple theming style, modeled on that of Youtube. The latest release includes a Style Centre, whereby designers are encouraged to create their own styles and 'mixes' for users to select and use. This style centre however appears to be at the very early stages of release.


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