Miss Fairchild is a Boston-based funk-pop band on Nantucketastrophe Records.

It has four releases: :Album, Presents the Housing Prodgect EP, The Miss Fairchild Mixtape, and its second full-length album Ooh La La, Sha Sha...

The band also produced labelmate Lipschitz's Jed Sed. There are three core members of Miss Fairchild, who write, arrange, record and produce the albums; Samuel P. Nice aka DJ P.Nice, Sammy Bananas (turntables, beat programming, alto saxophone, synthesizer) also of Certified Bananas; Daddy Wrall aka Wrall Skillz (vocals, percussion); The Great Dunlap aka Schuyler Dunlap (flute, guitars, keyboards). Their live incarnation "The Miss Fairchild Show" also includes drummer Todd "The Rocket" Richard (brother of Daddy Wrall) and bassist Pat "Trick" Johnson.

Miss Fairchild formed in 2004 when it recorded and released its debut :Album. The band began touring shortly thereafter. In 2005, the trio produced Jed Sed for Lipschitz, a Chicago-based rapper, longtime collaborator and labelmate who lent a verse for the well-received "One of Those Girls" from :Album.

They also released Miss Fairchild presents The Housing Prodgect EP in the winter of 2005. September 2007 will see the released of the long-awaited Ooh La La, Sha Sha... which the band has been promising for nearly a year. Four songs from the album were released in the form of a mixtape this summer, which the band currently gives away at their live shows and can be downloaded for free at

The band has toured the United States and plays regularly in Boston, Massachusetts, Providence, Rhode Island, New York, New York and Portland, Maine. Recently, the band has hosted a recurring monthly party in Boston called "Miss Fairchild presents the Miss Fairchild Show, which finds the band hosting guest acts from Boston and other cities.

Miss Fairchild has added a Horn Section to the group consisting of a Saxophone and a Trumpet and have recently been found with a Trombone player also gracing the stage. There is also the addition of a new keyboard player to the group. There has also been some changes in the percussion section with the changes from drum set to hand percussion by the Rocket and the introduction of a new drum set player

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