Mishkafayim (Hebrew for “glasses”)

Hebrew Art Magazine Published by the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, from 1987 to 2001


Tamir Rauner founded this Hebrew art magazine in 1987 and was its editor for its first nine years. Its name is the Hebrew word for "glasses." For its first two years, Mishkafayim was a joint project of the Israel Museum’s youth wing and the weekly magazine, Koteret Rashit (Hebrew for “main headline”). Koteret Rashit closed after the fifth issue of Mishkafayim. As a result, from the sixth issue onward, the daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth replaced Koteret Rashit as a partner in the publication of Mishkafayim.

In its day, Mishkafayim was an innovative addition to the Israeli cultural scene. It was a multidisciplinary, high-quality, popular magazine dedicated to culture that combined high-quality written and visual content, providing a stage to new and established writers, artists, and illustrators.

In 1994, after Mishkafayim had appeared for seven years, its editor, Tamir Rauner, launched Einayim(Hebrew for “eyes”)[1] , a children’s magazine that was presented as “the younger brother of Mishkafayim,” that is, a children’s magazine with an outlook similar to that of Mishkafayim. In 1996, after two years of editing both magazines, Tamir Rauner left Mishkafayim and editor Smadar Tirosh replaced him starting with issue 26. Under Tirosh, the magazine’s character changed, taking a less innovative approach in content and form and beginning to appeal to a more mature audience. From issue 29 onward, its subtitle changed accordingly, from the “quarterly of the youth wing” to “art quarterly;” similar changes were made in its graphic design, including the design of its name. In 2000, Monica Lavi replaced Smadar Tirosh and the magazine’s name was changed to Muza (Hebrew for “muse”). Muza ceased publication in 2001.

Issue Themes

Each issue of Mishkafayim was dedicated to a main theme. The editor, Tamir Rauner, explained this in the introduction of the first issue, writing, “In each issue, we will contemplate a certain topic, which will be selected from the topics on display at the museum. We will strive to touch on several aspects of the topic and give a stage to people whose opinions or actions in this context interest us.” The topics of the issues included: drawing; writing; portrait; comics; photography; legend; light; play; packaging; chair; material; illustration; about the artist; nature; movement; childhood; love; politics; time; sex and art; heroes; forgery; language; madness; dreams; maps; box with a screen; food; earth; and stone.


he:משקפיים (כתב עת)

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