Miri Yusif - better known by his stagename Miri Yusif is an Azerbaijani rapper.


His success grew mainly out of his determined love and interest for music. And his music sought excellence through his extraordinary charm and candid performance. Miri Yusif had always followed his heart, and his second solo album in Azerbaijan came to be dearly named, "Karma". Written in Reggae style, and carrying Jazz and Blues elements, every song in the album is reflective of his inner world and feelings. There were times when things were different, though: Baku's grey streets, audio players, ameteur recordings, and finally, the very first steps of "Dayirman". The members were not only connected by the stage, but by the friendship they had in real life - a friendship that lasts even to this day. The popularity of the group, the naiveness of teenage years, and crazy love adventures had saved him from a monotonous life. However, he was loyal to his serious love. The love that started on a schoolyard bench brought him to America. A long, yet unanswering love. A passion that left him in airport all alone with his thoughts. He left those he had left everything behind for and met a foreign new people. In this country, his only support was his Teymur Nuriyev whom he will always be grateful for.

Thus, the real lessons of life had started. He had a choice to make: return to Baku to his carefree life or start his life all over again. Those who know Yusif knew that he could never choose a quiet and stable lifestyle. He needed new change, new blows, and new pressures. Thus, he chose America. His first six months he spent on the street, and accepted every job from waiter to dishwasher. He had no place to stay and no real job. But the heart that he calls a quarantine was filled with new songs and he started writing songs. These came together in his first album "Avara," recorded in "Everrock Records". Every song reminded listeners about his life that tested him in foreign grounds and served as a jouney to become a man. Like he wrote in one of his songs, "My word of the world is a trial".

When I asked him "Do you still love that girl", his answer was, "No, but I'm thankful to her". Time passed, and things slowly worked themselves out. He could finally come to Baku at times to visit his close friends and dears that he so longed for. And in one of these visits, he met a girl at a concert. Out of fate's strangeness, that same girl came to house the next day, with his friend Fidan Gasimova. I guess this is what fate is - it comes straight to your door. Feelings that seemed unreal in the beginning turned into strong love. Just a month later, they married. This love story was fed first by the hit song "For You”, then nine month later, with their first son, Mir Huseyn. Mir Huseyn, just like his father, is filled with determination and music. Actually, the family became a turning point for Miri Yusif; it gave him the energy and wings to live and to create. He is a caring father and a loving husband. Thus, along with his family came new successes in other aspects of his life. These successes led the way for the "Karma" album. It took him exactly two years. I wonder: when "Karma" was coming to exist, did his rage not fill up his heart a dichotomy of intense feelings? He himself hasn't been able to answer this question.

On December 1st, 2010, "Karma" was released by SS Production with his short solo concert. This first step was to give way for even a greater concert. "Karma" released feelings roaming deep in the soul. It allowed for the soul to reach harmony with its surroundings and to attain Nirvana. Thus, this is the main theme of "Karma".

And his new single, “I'm No One”, was the beginning of this philosophical journey into the mind.

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