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Type: Rock Band

Origin (Based in): Dereham

Music: Rock, Heavy Metal, R&B


Charlie Newson

Daniel Rollins

Samuel Rose

George Crisp


Mindless Mussos was formed in early 2012 when Daniel, Sam, & George became friends. Later on, George met Charlie at a pub night in Garvestone, Dereham. He learnt a bit about him and found out he played drums. So George told Sam that he was now the Guitarist instead of the drummer and Charlie became the band's drummer for life.

First song

Sam wrote a song called 'The Butterfly Song' and it was impressive to the rest of the band members. Later on, George wrote a song called 'Internet Overload'. It was a heavy but short song ready in prep for their first gig.


The band has found a practise space (George's Backyard) but has not done anyone because first 20 songs must be written. The idea at first was to be a tribute band but then they changed their minds! The first gig is to help get the band's starting profit. The first thing they want to buy is a Gibson Les Paul Sunburst.

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