Miley Jab Hum Tum (When We Met) is a youth oriented television series that aired on Indian television channel STAR One,[1] premiering 22 September 2008. The series ran for a little more than two years successfully covering two seasons before ending on 19 November 2010. This is considered to be one of the most popular and longest running shows of STAR One, and led to the entry of the currently top-ranked actors like Sanaya Irani, Mohit Sehgal, Arjun Bijlani and Rati Pandey, into the big league.[2] The show is about falling in love during college and developing relations for a lifetime.


Season 1

The story begins in the Excel college with the introduction of the basketball champion and college stud, Samrat Shergill(Mohit Sehgal) and the college diva Dia(Navina Bole) and their buddies Benji and Uday. The other side includes sisters Nupur Bhushan(Rati Pandey) and Gunjan Bhushan(Sanaya Irani Sehgal) leaving rural Morena for Mumbai to join Excel College. They are cousins to the "Queen Bee" Dia Bhushan, and "Dodo" Uday Bhushan. Dia, horrified by news of their arrival to Excel aside her, does everything in her power to make their lives miserable, to no avail. These pranks introduce Samrat, lead athlete and college star cum stud, and his close friend Benji(Abhishek Sharma) as friends of Dia while Mayank Sharma(Arjun Bijlani) is introduced to be the geeky Greek god of Excel, a close rival of Samrat.

During this period, we learn about the personality of each lead character and some history. Nupur begins college by repeatedly receiving Mayank as a mandatory project and traveling partner, while Gunjan gets pushed into a talent parade by Samrat and returns the support by tutoring him. Through tiffs, a dance number, and a series of misadventures; Mayank falls in love with Nupur and Gunjan becomes friends with Samrat. Samrat having helped Gunjan blossom during the RJ hunt; mutually call each other a dear friend after restoring honesty on the Valentine's Night. Time passes and Gunjan misinterprets subtleties from Samrat and begins to knowingly harbour unstated love for Samrat just as he clarifies Gunjan to be his closest or the special friend, unaware of his own feelings for her while being oblivious to her one-sided love. Mayank, disregarding his love, feuds with Nupur, though later they too become fast friends, unleashing a new wave of feelings in Nupur for Mayank as he realises his love for her.

As these emotional discoveries arise, a new character, Sheena(Preeti Keswani), a talented actress and bombshell, enters Excel to be the part of the traditional college play. Ranvijay(Khushank Arora), a daredevil rich and spoilt bad playboy, who breaks all limits to see things his way, enters as well. Sheena finds Samrat attractive and Samrat initiates a serious relationship with her as he seems to be infatuated with her while Ranvijay attempts to take advantage of Dia, who soon gives in getting over her crush on Samrat unaware of his wrong intentions, much to Samrat's chagrin. A rivalry brawl ensues. Gunjan, on the other hand, consistently reiterates to Samrat, wanting the best for him, that Sheena, his girlfriend, will not allow their unique friendship to continue and to stay away from Ranvijay. Samrat reluctantly agrees. The play progresses where Mayank dramatically confesses his love for Nupur on stage, starting their private relationship. At a subsequent party, Sheena, knowing Gunjan's feelings, shows her true colors by trying to accuse Gunjan of shoving her into the pool because of her unrequited love for Samrat, which ends disastrously, as Samrat is assured by Gunjan's eyes, a very special friend, that she was innocent. Samrat disregards Sheena and chooses Gunjan over her and thus breaking up with her forever; however, Ranvijay, for revenge of the brawl, frames Samrat for drunk driving when leaving from that very venue. The gang proves it otherwise, in court, and both Sheena and Ranvijay leave the plot. Also Dia comes to regard her siblings and friends, after seeing their immense support during her low phase. During the brief time spent in jail, Samrat realizes his intense love for Gunjan because of others' remarks since that day. Later, Gunjan, sensing a change in Samrat, believes that Samrat has heard her extensive confession, and through a series of unfortunate circumstances, neither communicates their feelings leading to an extension of their friendship, thus giving way to a misunderstanding about what the other feels about one. At this point, both sisters are hurting from relationship difficulties, thus immediately take leave from Excel for an upcoming family wedding in Morena.

After the sisters leave, the gang feels lonely; knowing Dia and Uday would leave soon as well, they decide to pursue Gunjan for Samrat and his newfound love for her. Mayank, wanting to apologize to Nupur for hiding their relationship and scolding her, separately pursues Nupur and follows her to Morena. Mayank enters the Bhushan household posing as Nupur's childhood friend who has come to consider Nupur's hand while Samrat and Benji come as Dia and Uday's friends. Between a series of events, Samrat finally expresses his love to Gunjan on the night of Dusshera. Mayank also promises to commit to Nupur but when he was to do so, he gets to learn that his mother lost her job. Hearing this, Mayank promptly leaves without telling anyone and, in the wake, unknowingly reveals his identity. Nupur assumes their relationship to be over and is furious with Mayank. From this, Shashi and Ratna develop a pivotally negative opinion about Mayank. Ratna, angered from Mayank, faults Samrat as well, for his disruption during a religious ritual, serving eggs or supposedly loose character, and asks him to leave immediately. Shashi however, hearing Samrat’s apology as he is about to leave, respects his response and thus hands Samrat the responsibility of his daughters. The gang soon follows Samrat back to Mumbai.

Back at Excel, the gang sorts out the differences between Nupur and Mayank with the help of Samrat's plan. Meanwhile, Samrat and Gunjan have their first date as a couple. After assuring Nupur of his love and commitment, Mayank goes with his mother to Bangalore, where she gets a new job. While Mayank is gone, Ratna and the Bhushan family decide to have Nupur married and send the match, Bablu, who Mayank impersonated in Morena, to college. This new character is Adhiraj(Nishant Malkani), Nupur's childhood friend and expected suitor. In search of Nupur at Excel, Adhiraj mistakes another Nupur to be the Nupur he is looking for. The gang takes advantage of this new character entry and makes the new Nupur into Nupur Bhushan who Adhiraj seeks. The two begin to fall in love. This all backfires when it is revealed, to everyone but Adhiraj and Samrat, that the new Nupur is none other than Samrat's long lost younger sister Suhaani Shergill. Mayank returns to surprise his friends and comes to learns of what the gang has been up to and convinces them to tell Adhiraj the truth about Nupur and Samrat about Suhaani after the big basketball game. Samrat and Adhiraj clash for control of the team on game day and mid-game put their differences aside for the team. As for the Samrat-Suhaani's background story, as told by Suhani to Gunjan that from a young age Samrat has lived alone with a wrath filled grudge for all of his family members because of his parents' bitter divorce. In the custody battle, he was separated from his sister and has since believed that his mom chose his sister over him and he hates her. Suhaani lives in London with their mother before coming to Excel to reunite with Samrat. At the after party Samrat gets hurt and consequently learns the truth about Suhaani, which leads to Adhiraj learning the truth. Adhiraj discloses this deception to Shashi who then forces Nupur into marrying Adhiraj. Adhiraj consents to the marriage in his anger for Suhaani's betrayal. Different people reveal to Adhiraj that the gang played this prank on him because Nupur loves Mayank and he must believe that Suhaani is truly in love with him. Adhiraj soon decides to call off the wedding, but before he can tell his father he is accidentally knocked out by Uday, so Mayank reluctantly replaces Adhiraj before the wedding ceremony. Though Mayank is caught by Shashi and the wedding was to go on as planned, but Adhiraj's father finds out about Nupur and Mayank, so he calls off the wedding leading to public embarrassment. After the humiliation, Shashi agrees to Mayank and Nupur's marriage. They are wedded, but Shashi disowns her afterward as he has been betrayed and humiliated because of their rash actions. With nowhere to go, the couple turns to the gang for help settling their new life.

During this phase, the Bhushan sisters drift apart because of Nupur’s agitation against Gunjan's support for her father's disowning act and Gunjan's defense for Samrat in spite of the seemingly indecent proximity she suspects during their second date. The sisters soon restore their relationship when Nupur protects Gunjan from being eve-teased by thugs. After this incident, Gunjan incorrectly believes that Samrat will propose to her at Valentine’s Night and Nupur feels happy to be wrong about Samrat. On the party night, when Gunjan sees Adhiraj proposes to Suhaani instead of Samrat proposing to her, she walks away shattered. Gunjan, upset, then has a brief dialogue with Samrat about the importance of marriage before leaving the party alone. Once outside in the late night, the same, armed thugs corner Gunjan when Adhiraj takes note of it, comes to save her but is unable to, as he knocked unconscious. She, unfortunately, is critically wounded in the chest, after being shot by the gang leader. Gunjan is rushed to hospital where, while unconscious, her body gives up the will to live from the emotional stress of that evening. The next day, after the heartfelt proposal of Samrat, she recovers to find herself paralyzed waist down. At the hospital, Shashi forgives Nupur and once home tells Gunjan, that he approves of Samrat as son-in-law. Gunjan, however, unable to allow herself be a burden after that night, assures her father that she is not in love with him. Next, through a series of events, Nupur battles the culprits of Gunjan’s condition; a well-known, corrupt politician and his brother; getting them arrested with the use of media, while becoming Excel’s role model. After this, the gang opts for a vacation with the goal of getting Gunjan to walk again while setting a romantic mode for those accompanying. At the resort, the gang implies Samrat's impending death for Gunjan when Samrat truly falls in danger's path. Distraught, Gunjan bolts up and runs to save his life, thus recovering fully. Notably, Benji also begins a budding romance with Dia when she hugs him for protection from the 'ghost' Uday.

The gang returns home with their relationships strengthened when a baby girl, as a prank, enters the life of Samrat, Mayank, Benji, Adhiraj, and Uday with a letter falsely claiming that one of them is the father. Because of the baby, the girls band together against the boys. After a series of mishaps and strains, it is finally revealed that the entire gang, boys and girls, were on a reality show. Suhaani breaks the news that she has to return to London. Hearing this, Adhiraj is heartbroken but the guys give him the idea to "break up" first and surprise her later by leaving with her to London to get married. After the baby's, Adhiraj's and Suhaani's exits, the gang is sad to see their friends go but they decide that life is about change and this change was bound to happen. Later, some more April Fool tricks are played on each other by the gang resulting in some hilarious episodes.

A famous director, Neil Oberoi, comes to Excel for an open casting call; he is an old friend of the Bhushan sisters and has a soft spot for Gunjan. After purposefully casting Gunjan, Neil's growing closeness with Gunjan makes Samrat overprotective and his headstrong actions create a production problem straining Gunjan's emotions. Through this, Gunjan learns that Neil is in love with her due to which she leaves the film and reconciles with Samrat. Meanwhile, Mayank and Nupur enroll for the same job scholarship and Nupur wins it. Mayank and Nupur split after a row, and Nupur goes to Delhi. It is shown here Dia also likes Benji and they both hide their feelings from each other, while Uday suspects their love. Later, Mayank and Nupur sort out their differences and retake their wedding vows and Samrat confesses his love to Gunjan. Samrat proposes Gunjan for marriage which she happily accepts and later they consummate their love. Soon, they get engaged. This time, Benji also reveals his love to Dia and she happily confesses that she feels the same. Mayank and Nupur decide to go to the United States leaving nothing behind. As Nupur, Gunjan, Mayank and Samrat speed to the airport, the brakes suddenly fail due to which Samrat careens the car off the road and the principal characters are involved in a life-changing accident.

Season 2

The story then takes a three-year leap to start the new season where the group believes that Nupur died by the reckless driving of Samrat that day. Samrat, trustee of Excel College, has been living a very disturbed and lonely life as punishment continually recalling Gunjan and death in between drinks; Mayank, in private industry, lives with the illusion of still having Nupur around in her void; and Gunjan, now grievance counselor, is internally, emotionally shattered. All three grieve the loss while the audience is briefed on the lapsed years. Ashwini or Ash to be precise, a new entry and orphan closely counseled by Gunjan, collides with Samrat and out of immense empathy helps past his guilt and Mayank eventually accepts a post for professor at Excel at Mrs. Shergill's insistence. At a point, both Mayank and Ash takes Samrat's advice to move forward. As the plot progresses, Rohan or Ro to be precise, another student, clashes and falls in love with Ash while other plot points unfold. Ash and Rohan both look up to Samrat and this is pivotal in moving forward.

Now, Mayank suggests Gunjan about being the counselor at Excel. Initially angered, she eventually accepts because of certain circumstances revolving around Ash's mystery man who is none other than Samrat. Meanwhile, Mayank begins forgiving Samrat as he realizes he was also responsible for that day. Samrat, now colleague to Gunjan, continually attempts, sometimes with Mayank, to woo her and make her smile again and move forward. In this scenario, a play on Devdas is held where Gunjan falls in love with Samrat again but does not accept this. With jest or seriousness, the result of his attempts was multiplied heartache for both. On the day of the play, as a cameo, Dia reunites with Mayank to describe odd daytime premonitions about Nupur. On Dia's behest, they go to the administering doctor and find out that there had been a blunder in the chaos of that ill-fated day and Nupur Bhushan might well be alive. Gunjan, now lost in life, shuns herself from comfort and hope. Samrat, on the other hand decides to help Mayank find Nupur. He makes Gunjan understand the situation that Mayank is going through.

After some investigation, Mayank and Nupur come face to face and he is certain that his wife is alive in spite of the remarks. While on a trail with Samrat and Gunjan, an emotionally incapacitated Mayank drives away alone and crashes into a tree. By fate, Nupur finds Mayank and sees him to the hospital where she signs the consent forms as Mayank's lawful wife. Eventually, the three find her and are certain of her identity when Nupur consistently and rudely refuses to recognize them. For misbehavior, Nupur herself comes to Gunjan's home to apologize but they reply, if she truly seeks an apology she must reside with them for seven days. She agrees. In these seven days, as someone from the group gets close to Nupur and notices an anomaly i.e. a Private Number call breaks each effort of reconciliation and Nupur instantly becomes tense. The audience by now understands this is Nupur Bhushan.

On the fifth day, Dhruv, Nupur's fiancé, enters as the Private Caller. Dhruv physically and verbally abuses Nupur to a point where she emotionally surrenders to him. Although the trio fails to confirm Nupur as Nupur Bhushan, after a few days Gunjan suspects Dhruv to be the grown-up Chintu, a psychotic boy from their childhood school who was admitted to a mental hospital and was also one of the reasons which led the Bhushan sisters to shift to Mumbai. It is revealed to Samrat that Nupur was just pretending to not recognize them out of fear of Dhruv, who is possessive of her and Dhruv was the root cause of the car accident, three years ago. His intent was for the brake failure to kill Mayank, Samrat, and Gunjan while keeping Nupur to himself. Samrat then wants to disclose the truth but is forbidden by Nupur on the risk of not seeing Gunjan or Mayank alive. Samrat then openly challenges Dhruv and conducts a plan where he sends Mayank to Gunjan's house, while Nupur is meeting Gunjan. Mayank talks to Nupur, which leads Nupur to cave and admit the truth. Everyone was very excited on this admission when things come to a boiling point.

Dhruv arrives at Nupur’s house, as Samrat had expected, but is caught red-handed attempting to shoot and kill Nupur. With the help of Rohan and Ash, the police come out and arrest Dhruv putting an end to his track. Mayank and Nupur reunite at home after three years in their usual style, and Samrat and Gunjan attempt reconciliation though they still remain at a platonic level rather than being lovers. Gunjan uses the rekindled love after the play and the happiness from the adventure in obtaining Nupur to consider her relationship with Samrat mended. Nupur now rejoins Excel as a student to complete her studies, despite her dislike for studying. At one point, as things get tense and Nupur favors studying over romance, soon Mayank gives his class an exam. Nupur makes ‘chits’ to cheat but ends up studying actually for the exam, but unfortunately Mayank picks up Nupur’s geometry box left behind in class with the ‘chits’ and assumes that she cheated, thus justifying his accusation by pointing to Nupur’s high marks.

While Nupur is at college, seeing everyone else’s life back on track, Samrat decides to quit being trustee of Excel College and begins dreaming of basketball. In response, Gunjan, currently between being a friend and life partner, throws an MBA program on him and submits his application on his behalf, being oblivious to what he wants to do. Samrat however lies to Gunjan to keep her pleased and simultaneously begins an all-female basketball team in which Ash takes part. Samrat, upset with Ash bunking classes, forces her to get a letter signed that excuses her from class. Unable to reveal Samrat’s secret team to Gunjan, Ash tries to get Mayank's permission but with no success so she forges Mayank’s signature. Mayank, thinking Nupur also did this, rusticates her from the college. However, when Ash gets to know of this, she tells Mayank the truth. Mayank feeling sorry for his distrust apologizes to Nupur but she does not accept it. On the other hand, because of Ash’s confession, Gunjan gets to know Samrat is secretly coaching basketball, she confronts him about still attempting to lie to her face.

Now, the sisters are angry with the boys and the boys, knowing their mistakes, takes several different attempts to persuade them. Uday makes an entry here. Finally, after days, Mayank convinces Nupur before going to bed by pointing out today was their first date anniversary and they have a lifetime of fighting ahead of them. However, Gunjan under the impression that Nupur and Mayank have not patched up, stayed strong to girl power and continued rejecting Samrat’s apologies. Uday now interacts with an unconscious elderly man in a wheelchair who won a ‘5 crore Best Family’ lottery; telling everyone else he is dead and has a family who is in need of this money when in fact Uday wants to pocket it. Under a false pretense, everyone works together to enact the supposed family this man would have had for an inspector. This family happens to be an idealized version of what the gang already has: intense love, fighting, and an inept Dodo. While doing this Uday loses the money to the unconscious man and Gunjan discovers that Nupur and Mayank are back to terms. Later, the gang also manages to save Excel College from being demolished from the hands of Dhingra, a builder cum goon.

Now finally as things start to settle in life Gunjan realizes that she never deserved such an unconditional and persistent lover in her life. In fact, she feels she needs to apologize to Samrat for all of the times she has held him guilty for things he had never done. When apologizing on the night of Diwali, Samrat for the first time in three years notices his given engagement ring back on Gunjan's finger. Samrat then makes a grand plan to propose to Gunjan, which all goes sideways. Nupur finds out that she is pregnant and decides to hide it. Samrat finds Nupur's pregnancy strip and confronts her over the phone. Nupur finally reveals her pregnancy. At first, Mayank pretends to be angry but then he comforts her by saying that Nupur had given him immense pleasure by telling this to him. Samrat proposes to Gunjan later that night in a very romantic, intimate, and heartfelt way and she accepts. They have a church wedding: a lifelong dream for Gunjan. Dia, Uday, and Benji return to the show for the wedding, which serves as a coming together of Benji and Dia as a couple again. After the ceremony, a leap of six months is shown with all four living in Pune. Samrat and Gunjan are happily married and successful in their respective careers. Nupur goes into labor and gives birth to male twins. The show ends with the gang returning to Excel one last time and expressing their views on College life.

Time slot

Miley Jab Hum Tum aired from 21 September every Monday - Thursday at 9:00 PM and, from the week of 9 March 2009, every Monday - Friday at 9:00 PM IST.


Actor Role Notes Acting Period Season
Sanaya Irani Sehgal Gunjan Bhushan Shergill(female lead) aka Chashmish Nupur's younger sister & Samrat's best friend, lover and later wife (Sep 2008–Nov 2010) 1 and 2
Mohit Sehgal Samrat Shergill(male lead) aka Sam/Sammy Mayank and Benjamin's best friend, Gunjan's lover and later husband (Sep 2008–Nov 2010) 1 and 2
Arjun Bijlani Mayank Sharma(male lead) aka Mayu Nupur's husband and Samrat's best friend (Sep 2008–Nov 2010) 1 and 2
Rati Pandey Nupur Bhushan Sharma(female lead) Gunjan's elder sister & Mayank's wife (Sep 2008–Jun 2010; Aug 2010-Nov 2010) 1 and 2
Navina Bole Dia Bhushan (parallel female lead) aka Candy Nupur & Gunjan's cousin, Uday's sister and Benji's love interest (Sep 2008–May 2010; Aug 2010; Nov 2010) 1 and 2
Jas Karan Singh Uday Bhushan (major supporting/comic role)aka Dodo Nupur & Gunjan's cousin & Dia's brother (Sep 2008–May 2010; Oct 2010-Nov 2010) 1 and 2
Abhishek Sharma Benjamin Swami (Benji) Samrat's best friend and Dia's love interest (Sep 2008–May 2010; Nov 2010) 1 and 2
Anupriya Kapoor Suhaani Shergill Samrat's sister and Adhiraj's love interest (Nov 2009–Apr 2010) 1
Shraddha Musale CJ Mayank and Nupur's friend (Sep 2008–Apr 2009; Oct 2009-Nov 2009) 1
Kishwar Merchant Tamanna Seth Dramatics Teacher, Uday's love-interest (Apr 2009-Jul 2009) 1
Nishant Malkani Adhiraj (Bablu) aka Raj Suhaani's love interest & Nupur's suitor (Nov 2009–Apr 2010) 1
Rohit Khurana Dhruv Verma (Chintu) Psychopath in love with Nupur, Nupur's ex-classmate (Aug 2010-Sep 2010) 2
Khushank Arora Ranvijay Thakur/Rathore (RV) Dia's former boyfriend (Apr 2009-Sep 2009) 1
Preeti Keswani Sheena Malhotra Samrat's former girlfriend (Apr 2009-Aug 2009) 1
Sumeet Soni Purab Samrat and Gunjan's friend, Radio show participant (Feb 2009-Mar 2009) 1
Vaishnavi MacDonald Shilpa Sharma Mayank's mother, Nupur's mother-in-law (Sep 2008–Apr 2009; Sep 2009-Jan 2010) 1
Jaanvi Sangwan Ratna Bhushan Nupur & Gunjan's Bui(paternal aunt) (Sep 2009–Jan 2010) 1
Shishir Sharma Shashi Bhushan(former) Nupur & Gunjan's Bauji (father) (Sep 2008; Oct 2009; Dec 2009-Jan 2010) 1
Gireesh Sahedev Ravi Bhushan Dia and Uday's Dad, Gunjan and Nupur's Chachaji (paternal uncle) (Sep 2008) 1
Akruti Singh Chinky Gunjan, Nupur, Dia and Uday's cousin from Morena who is engaged (Oct 2009) 1
Sreejita De Ashwini (Ash) Gunjan's patient cum friend & Rohan's love interest (Jun 2010-Oct 2010) 2
Nikhil Chaddha Rohan Singhal (Ro) Ash's love interest (Jun 2010-Oct 2010) 2
Anang Desai Shashi Bhushan(current) Nupur & Gunjan's Bauji (father) (Jan 2010-Feb 2010) 1
Hazel Annie Dia's friend (Sep 2008–Aug 2009; Nov 2009) 1
Meer Ali Nirbhay Awasthi New student at Excel College (Jun 2010) 2
Kriti Sharma Ria Singhal Rohan's Sister (Jun 2010-Aug 2010) 2
Mahru Sheikh Indrani Shergill Samrat & Suhani's mother, Gunjan's mother-in-law (Jun 2010) 2
Deepak Pareek Professor Shukla History Teacher (Sep 2008–Oct 2010) 1 and 2
Jaineeraj Rajpurohit Mr. Saxena Principal of Excel College (Sep 2008–Oct 2010) 1 and 2
Amit Jain Neileswar (Neil) Oberoi aka Chamku Film Director secretly in love with Gunjan, Gunjan's Childhood friend (Apr 2010-May 2010) 1
Melissa Pais Aha Chand Psychology Teacher (Sep 2008-Dec 2008) 1
Abhinav Kapoor Yash Devraj The guy who eve-teased and later shot Gunjan (Feb 2010- Mar 2010) 1
Imran Khan JD Corrupt Politician, Yash's Brother (Feb 2010-Mar 2010) 1
Latesh Sharma Luv Student who flirts with Ria (Jun 2010-Aug 2010) 2
Manasvi Vyas Aparajita Radio Show participant who tries to make Gunjan's radio show a flop (Feb 2009-Mar 2009) 1
Tanvi Thakkar Ishika A first year student who has a crush on Mayank and is used by Nupur to trick him (Jan 2009) 1
Neelam Bhagchandani Vidushi Purab's girlfriend (Mar 2009) 1
Perneet Chauhan Riya Saxena Mayank's friend and Samrat's former girlfriend, Principal Saxena's daughter (Mar 2010) 1
Sudhir Sharma Lucky and Chunky Mishra Twin brothers whom Mayank and Nupur meet on the way to Ahmedabad (Feb 2009) 1
Gautam Hegde Chironji Jajotia Funny guy who accompanies Mayank and Nupur on the Bus to Ahmedabad. Later he helps deliver their twins. (Feb 2009-Mar 2009; Nov 2010) 1 and 2
Sachin Nayak Chinu Canteen Boy in Excel (Sep 2008-Apr 2009) 1
Bakhtiyaar Irani D4 Detective hired by the boys (Mar 2010) 1
Tanaaz Irani Tanya Detective hired by the girls, D4's wife (Mar 2010) 1
Dinesh Mehta Guru Dia's fake boyfriend (Jan 2009) 1
Gaurav S Bajaj Unknown Boy who approaches Gunjan just after the Khuda Jaane V-Day sequence only to be miffed away by Samrat and Benji (Mar 2009) 1
Ankit Mohan Unknown A student in Excel who teases Nupur on her first day at college (Sep 2008) 1
Dheeraj Miglani Unknown A student in Excel who is part of the prank played on Nupur on her first day at college (Sep 2008) 1


  • This was Mohit Sehgal's debut show both as a lead and a newcomer.
  • This was also Sanaya Irani's first show in a lead role.
  • Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal had officially announced that they were seeing each other on the shoot of the last episode of the show.
  • Arjun Bijlani and Sanaya Irani have worked together in the popular Sab TV show, Left Right Left.
  • This was the only Star One show other than Dill Mill Gaye to have two seasons.
  • Manasvi Vyas and Sanaya Irani later worked together in the popular Colors show, Rang Rasiya.
  • Also, Anang Desai and Deepak Pareek worked together with Sanaya Irani in the short lived series of Sony Television, Chhan Chhan.
  • Jaanvi Sangwan later worked with Rati Pandey in the popular Zee TV show, Hitler Didi.
  • Popular actors like Anupriya Kapoor, Nishant Malkani, Nikhil Chaddha and Meer Ali started their careers from this show.
  • Actors like Gaurav S Bajaj and Ankit Mohan have done small appearances in it.
  • There were two merger episodes with Dill Mill Gaye, 1 in each season.
  • There were two special one hour episodes in Season 1, one on May 21, 2009 and the other on Feb 13, 2010.


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