Michael Gayheart (better known as Mikey Gayheart) is an American singer/songwriter, musician of Christian music, as well as a producer of inspirational film and music. Born on December 7, 1978 Mikey Gayheart is the son of Glennis And Janice Gayheart of Eastern Kentucky. Mikey grew up in Beaver Kentucky where his father worked in the coal mines. The coal mining industry was dominant in the area and his family had been in this field for generations. His mother was a homemaker supported the dream's and ambition's of her son, while working hard to raise Mikey and his older brother Glen. Lyrics from the great George Jones and Merle Haggard often filled the small Kentucky home, as friends and family members would gather in with their instruments and bring the music to life. With a great love for music and a guitar given to him by his father he learned to play at age thirteen, and would go on to perform in local venues and fairs around eastern Kentucky. However a transition from Country to Gospel music took place in 1999 when Mikey accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior. In 2003 Mikey opened up his own recording studio in Beaver Kentucky (NBF Studios) Mikey had already fulfilled one of his dreams, now he got to work in the production field full time. He later along with his wife he created "Mountaintop Praise" a Gospel music show that airs in eastern Kentucky. Mikey's debut album Will It Take A Storm hit retail stores in January 2010. The album features original material, inspired by several different genres of Gospel music today, from Contemporary to Country Gospel.

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