Michael Wlock, Wide Receiver and Tight End for the Wildcats. He finished the season with 7 touchdowns on offense. He also played Free Safety and had a 80 yard interception for a touchdown. He had 6 interceptions. He got picked to play in the All-Star game because of his excellent season. During the All-Star game he had a great catch for 40 yards. Even though his team didn't win the game he still had a good time playing for fun. His team only went to the first playoff game and lost by a touchdown but he had a great year and hopes he can play as good as he did for high school. He has hopes to go to the University of Pittsburgh and play for the Panthers as a Wide Receiver. After he plays for the Pitt Panthers he wants to make it to the NFL(National Football League). He hopes to wear number 9 as he did this year for high school and college. The players that inspire him are Victor Cruz Wide Receiver for the New York Giants and Larry Fitzgerald Wide Receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. He has looked up to them since i knew who they were. His Brothers Joe and John taught him how to play football. They played football for high school and all they knew about football they taught to him. He plays other sports to stay in shape on the off season like Baseball and Hockey. His brothers take him to the gym to help him get fit for sports and teach him the different works he needs to make him a outstanding player. His family believes in him that's all the motivation he needs to play good. He not an A B student in school but he gets passing grades if he put his mind to it and tried harder in school he could possibly be a great student.

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