Michael Leventhal (September 9, 1958)[citation needed] is the vice president and executive producer for [[Bader TV News], an internationally recognized news, sports and entertainment video and Internet production house.


Leventhal worked for the NBC Radio Network throughout his four years as student at SUNY Stony Brook.

As a producer for the “Howard Cosell” daily radio show, Leventhal also was the assistant at WABC-TV with its special event coverage of the NFL players strike in 1981 and the Major League Baseball players strike.

In 1988, Leventhal and wife Nancy Bader established a Video News Release company, Bader TV. He is the Vice President of the organization.

Personal life

Leventhal married Nancy Bader in 1984, the owner of Bader Media Group and a member of a prominent New York family.[1]


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