Mike Glowacki, Musician and Composer

Mike Glowacki (born Michael Ernest Glowacki, January 21, 1956), is an American composer and pianist. He is best known for his sacred and soothing piano music. He is the founder of Glowacki Music Service.

Early Years

Glowacki is of Russian and Polish decent. He was born in Chicago, Illinois to Joan, a housewife and Leonard, a truck loader and a musician. He has a younger brother Dale. Glowacki’s parents supported and encouraged him to study and learn piano.

Glowacki began playing piano at an early age[1] . At the age of 9 he began taking private piano lessons in addition to lessons offered through school music programs. Often times he was uninterested and wanted to quit, but thanks to the encouragement of his parents; he continued taking lessons for six years. By the age of 15, Glowacki started composing his own music and by age 21 was playing professionally. Music soon became Glowacki’s hobby and he realized it was his lifelong passion. He changed his focus and used his talents to make music his livelihood. At the age of 29 he directed his first choir. His goal is “to give to others, the gift of music.”

Glowacki was raised Catholic and attended St. Mary of Perpetual Help Catholic School, and then graduated from De La Salle Institute[2] (a Catholic high school in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago) in 1974. After graduating from De La Salle, Glowacki apprenticed for two years under Dr. Grafton Beasly, where his love for music grew. He continued his education at Daley College in Chicago (now Southwest College), then VanderCook College of Music in Chicago, where he continued with private lessons under the auspices of Dr. Josette Behrend. Glowacki studied a specialized training program for Piano and Music Composition. Later he transferred to St. Xavier University in Chicago, to study Organ Pedagogy as taught by Mr. Harry Krush and Ms. Melody Lord, of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree and is a Certified Piano Technician and a Certified Professional DJ.

After graduation, Glowacki taught computers in Chicago’s private schools, while continuing to teach private lessons in music. In 1976, Glowacki opened Bridgeport Music Studio, where he offered music lessons, supplies and pianos.

Glowacki’s influences in music were Keith Jarrett and Jimmy Buffett. Keith Jarrett’s unique style of music taught Glowacki that there aren’t any boundaries to music. Glowacki learned to improvise and play whatever comes to him without rehearsing. Never sure of the outcome when he improvises, sometimes it ends up being a musical piece his is proud of. As a musician, playing without boundaries tends to put a fresh prospective on the music. Jimmy Buffett is more of a calming vibe to Glowacki. He loves listening to the stories within Buffett’s music and it brings him back to one of his favorite places the beach.

Glowacki has directed choirs at All Saint-Saint Anthony Catholic Church in Chicago, IL; St. Mary of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Chicago, IL; St. David Roman Catholic Church in Chicago, IL; and Our Lady of Loretto Catholic Church in Hometown, IL.

Glowacki is the full-time Music Director at St. Gerald Parish in Oak Lawn, IL[3] . He is also the sole proprietor of Glowacki Music Service[4] which allows him to pursue his passion for teaching love for music, rebuilding and tuning acoustic pianos and performing throughout the Chicago area as a pianist and a certified DJ.


In 1994, under the name of Mike Glowa, Glowacki released the album Sequential Destiny[5] . It features piano selections composed and performed by Glowacki. The album also contains two bonus tracks with excerpts from Adoro Te Devote (16th Century Plainsong) and Beethoven Blues (adapted from Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Fur Elise).

The CD features the following twelve piano solos:

1.Elan (2:36)
2.Rush Hour[6]  (1:54)
3.Winter Thaw (3:58)
4.Childhood Dreams[7]  (4:40)
5.Beethoven Blues (3:33)
6.Solitude[8]  (2:35)
7.Miracle of Love[9]  (2:49)
8.Serenade[10]  (3:23)
9.Clap Your Hands[11]  (3:22)
10.Adoro Te Devote (4:15)
11.Fate’s Child (5:13)
12.On This Day[12]  (3:42)

Personal Life

Glowacki and his wife reside in Oak Lawn, Illinois.


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