Miguel Angel Sanchez-Rey [ The Grandmaster and the Atheist Saint, The Master of Space-Time and The Saint of the Advance Age ] (born 6 March 1984) is a high-energy physicist and mathematical physicist [1][2][3][4][5]. An advance physicist [6]. The founder of the Physicalist Program [PHPR] and truly the father of the Scientific Age [1][2][3][7][4]. A Colombian born-national, and Anarcho-syndicalist, raise and presently residing in the United States[1][8]. Author of five groundbreaking books on both PHPR and the Scientific Age. A pioneering book on metaspace [9]. An exploratory text on scientific life [10]. A book pamphlet upholding Platonic naturalism [11]. A book on variations in natural Platonism [12]. A pathbreaking textbook on mathematical linguistics [13]. A stringent book on The First Task of PHPR [14]. Has also written a self-referential collaborative survey textbook in Advance Physics [6].

Starting with the CMS and Atlas experiment, at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland, Rey made a lasting contribution to furthering knowledge about Scientific Age by determining the cause of the breakdown in the scientific process through a critical examination of Post-Modernity [1]. That at a certain point the general public be periodically shut-out of the scientific process so that they may not be harm by any further breakdowns [2]. Leading to the founding of PHPR as a resolution to a foreseeable catastrophic scenario in the Scientific Age in the form of a task [1]. The First Task has been set as the resolution to mineral depletion and The Second Task has been establish as the resolution to an extraterrestrial conflict [1][3][7][9][10]. Advancing the sciences through the interplay [8].

Rey's participation in the scientific process led to the achievement of a low-scale nuclear fusion hydrogen reaction at ITER [International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor] in France . Solve DARPA's number one mathematical challenge that aimed to find a functional model of the human brain [13]. Has produce a controversial proof of the Yang-Mills Conjecture which is one of the seven Millennium Prize Problems stated by the Clay Mathematics Institute in 2000 [15]. Herald advance artificial superintelligence [13][10]. Pave the way for progress in supersymmetric strings that usher metaspace and Advance Physics [7][9][16][17].

Miguel A. Sanchez-Rey is The Grandmaster and The Master of Space-Time. The Master of Space-Time is able to shape space-time and is to be earned through a significant achievement in the Scientific Age [2][7][10]. The Grandmaster is to complete a task, set the next task and establish the other task in PHPR after accomplishing the title of The Master of Space-Time [1]. The Grandmaster is the highest title in academic and military history [1][2].

Currently, Rey chooses to live in seclusion in New York State.


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