Midnat is the fourth album from the Danish singer Joey Moe. It's also his (officially) final album.

It's produced by disco:wax and disturbed by Sony Music.

Track listing

Disc 1

No. TitleProducer Length
1. "Midnat (Ante Meridiem)"  13Beats 1:15
2. "Gi' Mig"  Joey Moe, Pete Fox, Nexus Music 3:25
3. "Tænder En Ild" (featuring Nik & Jay)Nexus Music 3:37
4. "Aldrig At Vågne Op"  Kay & Ndustry, Pete Fox, Joey Moe 3:22
5. "Usynlig" (featuring Mitchell Berthou)Nexus Music 3:36
6. "Jeg Tager Det Hele Med"  Kay & Ndustry 3:28
7. "Jeg Falder For Dig"  Kay & Ndustry 3:13
8. "Faldskærm"  Puma 4:01
9. "9MM" (featuring Mitchell Bertou)13Beats 3:02
10. "Atmosfære"  Kay & Ndustry 3:30
11. "Alletider"  Puma 3:01
12. "Natteblind" (featuring Rasmus Thude)Kay & Ndustry 3:07
Total length:

Disc 2

No. TitleProducer Length
1. "Midnat (Post Meridiem)"  Alexander Odden 1:23
2. "2012 (Det Derfor)" (Pegboards Nerds featuring Joey Moe)Pegboard Nerds 5:02
3. "Det Flyvende Tæppe" (featuring Mitchell Berthou, Jeffrey, Khani & V)Joey Moe 3:58
4. "Øst For København" (featuring Kaliber)Face It 3:49
5. "Strobelys"  Svenstrup & Vendelboe 3:26
6. "Stjernetegn" (Pete Fox featuring Joey Moe & Jeanette Zeniia)Pete Fox 3:46
7. "Tinsoldat (Part 1)" (featuring Peter Pilgaard)13Beats, Puma 5:29
8. "Vinderholdet" (featuring Johnson)Puma 6:06
9. "Mangler Dig Her" (featuring Clemens)Faustix 3:36
10. "Tinsoldat (Part 2)" (featuring Kaliber)Face It 3:43
11. "Lyskryds" (featuring Jokeren)Pitchshifters 3:22
12. "Alt Eller Ingenting" (featuring Jeanette Zeniia & Sune Starfeldt)Pete Fox, Joey Moe, Sune Starfeldt 3:01
Total length:
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